: 2000 sls front Bose speakers

11-27-06, 10:23 PM
Yes - I have read other posts on these speakers - and searched all over the internet.
I have a 2000 SLS with the 8 speaker Bose system. It sounds awesome, except the other day I noticed a crackling sound from the door-speaker in the front passenger side door. I got up close to it and noticed no sound coming from it, just an occasional bass bump and lots of crackling. I know nothing about these speakers - apparently some have amps built onto them and some don't? Also, apparently, you aren't supposed to replace things here and there, rather they are "tuned" or "matched" by Bose to work great with each other. My question is - what do you guys think is wrong with it? Blown speaker? Something wrong with it's amp if there are even amps on the speakers in my model? What would need to be replaced in those cases? With like 22 hours left on ebay there is a pair of front 8" speakers from a '98 STS, which I might get, depending on what I find out here.


11-27-06, 10:36 PM
Probally your amp...wait for ETC to tell u.

11-27-06, 10:41 PM
when bose speaks blow they buzz and crack but they do not, not make noise
it sounds like an amp issue to me

11-27-06, 10:48 PM
It isn't actually "playing" the music, it just cracks and kind of thumps whenever there's a bassy part in a song. If it is the amp are you guys saying that the door speakers have individual amps with them or that there's just one central amp somewhere?

11-27-06, 11:01 PM
in 98 the seville went to one single amp
its mounted in the rear
to me from how you describe it, to be an amp issue not a speaker issue
could be a bad connection at the speak, bare wire, water/moister
id check out that before i throw money at it

11-27-06, 11:19 PM
so if the speaker is blown do you think I should quick buy that front pair from a '98 sts on ebay before they end?

11-27-06, 11:27 PM
i think you should check the connection 1st
then attempt the bose pancake speaker repair with lube posted
then if all else fails buy a speak they a 50 new at the dealer and show up on ebay every so often