: For those with Kids & need another reason to buy a V

11-27-06, 08:17 PM
My apologies if this is a repost, as I could not find this info with the search functionality (most likely user error). These are 2 links to the 2 sets of crash/impact tests for the CTS. I thought those of you like myself with kids that ride in the V might like to see the crash test ratings without having to search for them.
For anyone thinking about the V and needing some extra ammo with the better half, this may help you...


11-27-06, 09:19 PM
Good post G--, still haven't seen you around town except for the first day I got mine. Saw TXSilverV a few weeks back driving down 407.

11-27-06, 09:26 PM
Buried in work these days, back and forth to the office in Westlake...haven't gotten the V out on weekends much lately, only to work and back...hope to see you soon.