: Shifted 2nd to 3rd at 6,200 TC Message on NAV Screen...

11-27-06, 07:46 PM
I happen to shift from 2nd to 3rd at about 6,200rpm... And noticed a message pop up on my NAV screen about Traction Control being engaged... The car gripped nice, no wheel-hop, just went straight into 3rd with no issues.

Soooo... Would i be more likely to break something with the traction control on... by having no drivetrain relief, or is it better to have it off, having the tires give, and possibly provide some drivetrain relief. What is prefered..

11-27-06, 08:11 PM
Mine does that when it "chirps" going into third. :rolleyes:

Man I love this car....:thumbsup:

11-28-06, 10:59 AM
Every time I get in the car, I hit the TC x 2 to go into comp mode. It's just a habit now.

I don't think the TC will cause undo stress, as it not only applies braking pressue, but also modulates the throttle/fuel. On the flip side, as long as you aren't hopping, I wouldn't think a little wheelspin would hurt anything (except your tread life.)

My $0.02,


11-28-06, 05:09 PM
Hey chris...

Been meaning to ask you.. After i installed the RT cats i noticed an increase in that burbly noise as you let up off the throttle after a good run.. Have you noticed this sound as well.. Just curious to know if it is due to my Magnaflow catback exhaust.. I know you have the corsa..

11-29-06, 09:29 AM
It definately burbles more.

The RT Cats really wake up the cat back from a sound perspective.

My car is at the dealer right now, getting the resonator of my Corsa welded in, due to exhaust leaks. I'll give an update on how much this changes the sound.

Mu car hasn't really burbled/poped a lot in a long time due to the exhaust leaks on the Corsa. Can't wait to hear it again.