: Tunes ?

11-27-06, 07:09 AM
I'm interested in getting my stock V tuned. As a previous Lightning owner I used a Predator handheld with a dyno tune installed on it and kept a few tunes in my laptop for different racing conditions.
Do the Big tuners on here support the diablo software or should I be looking into something else? The big PLUS of the Predator is the real time datalogging that can be done with it along with it's other features. Any help would be great.


11-27-06, 10:11 AM
Have not done this yet myself but most of the users on here tell you to steer clear of any handheld tuning. Instead the preferred methods seem to be dyno tuned or EFILive/HP Tuner if you want to do it yourself. There is also mail order tuning available from a user named StealthV. Many of the board members here swear by his tunes.

He has yet to respond to my questions about getting tuned but you can view his website at http://www.stealthv.com/ .