: Trip Odometer

Ivan Billson
11-25-06, 01:16 PM
I have a new 07 SRX which is still setting in my Garage while I try to figure out how all this computer controlled stuff works.

The odometer reading(s) show up in the DIC section under the Trip/Fuel button. There are two listings which show miles traveled. They are refered to as "Trip A" and "Trip B". The manual says the odometer can be reset to zero by pushing the- set/reset button.

My Question is this: If I use the Trip A for total mileage and Trip B for short trips what happens if I accidently erase the Trip A total mileage by hitting the button? Have I lost the total mileage permanently?

There appears to be no other odometer in the Dash or Computer system

Nice SUV! My wife loves it. Found out it had XM radio even though I didn't order it

:bouncy: Ivan

11-27-06, 06:30 PM
The resettable trip odometers you found is not the main odometer for the vehicle. On my '04, the main odometer is in the speedometer face, but the odometer display doubles for the transmission indicator when you are shifting manually and is not visible when the tranny is in manual mode.

XM radio is standard for '07 along with three months service. XM is a more useful subscription feature than OnStar (which you also got without ordering), in my opinion.