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11-24-06, 11:53 PM
This is not something that I have read on the internet.
Believe i read it in some medical journal before the www was established.
But please feel free to try to substantiate it on the web if you will.

Is sayed that from the start of the development of a human brain it is smooth.
Any pictures that you see of a human brain with all the grooves and wrinkles are because of learning and acquired knowledge.
Every time that something new is learned another wrinkle is formed on the brain.

Has apparently been proven true through disection comparisons of overly inteligent individuals brains in society, to those of the general populations.
As well as the studies of the brains of new borns through to and including all ages.

It is said that a clean and new mind/brain is smooth and clear.
And every bit of knowledge over the years is stored in such a way as to create a new wrinkle on the brain.

I would like to say that Im one wrinkled bastard.
And the more I read here the more wrinkly I get :bighead:

Bet there are alot here that will be soon sayin to someone "Holly..&$!^ ...Smooth As A Marble" LOL.

But Seriously...
Thats where they say those wrinkles come from.
Wether or not they are formed from actuall true facts is another thing all together.
Guess that the fact there are wrinkles at all is a good thing :hmm:

That now brings up something else....
Can we talk about ironing out the wrinkles ???
Probably not.
Am sure its not acceptable conversation in this forum.

Gotta go for a bit..
Looks like one of my aggies may be in trouble.
Damn steelies seem to rule all.

11-25-06, 07:20 AM
I recently did a paper of the development of a baby during pregnancy...

I did read how the brain develops, and that it does start out smooth. But I did not read anything conclusive as to why wrinkles form withing the brain. Some articles hinted at knowledge, some attributed it to age.

The whole ironing thing might work though (who wants to die...um I mean try?). If not, we will have wamred brains! :vomit: :D

11-25-06, 07:26 AM
Just wait until they can figure out how to get some BoTox injections there.....

11-25-06, 08:15 AM
I like Cliff, of Cheers, anology of the brain as it applies to the consumpion of beer. Cliff has deducted that BEER makes you smarter. How you ask? The alcohol in beer kills brain cells...but only the weakest of the brain cells. The strong ones survive. Haven't you ever noticed after a few beers how much smarter you feel! Works for me!:thumbsup:

11-25-06, 09:16 AM
Medical Mechanica will iron out the wrinkles in our brains.