: Conversion to V92 towing option

11-24-06, 05:36 PM
I have a 2004 SRX 4.6L (LH2) V8 AWD. The car was hit in the front and as part of the repair I am trying to convert it the heavy duty towing package option V-92.

The V-92 option has three fans; two electrical that sit side-by-side in front of the radiator and a mechanical fan that mounts on the engine pulley. Here is the dilemma

The parts catalogue and all the on line material that dealers have shows a three legged piece that bolts to the engine cover at the front of the engine. This requires a special engine cover that is not part of the standard V8 engine. This special cover has the mounting surface for the three legged piece cast into it.

The repair manual which we have been using to buy parts for the conversion shows a completely different set up for the towing package. In the repair manual on page 6-1054 shows instead of the three legged piece a T shaped adapter that bolts into the pulley on the front of the engine (the top of the T) and the mechanical fan attaches to the leg of the T that sticks out. This piece looks perfect for adapting the trailer towing mechanical fan to the standard V8 engine.

QUESTION: I need to find this T piece and all the nuts and bolts including the fan to fit onto the engine. Where can I get it and what are the part numbers.