: Happy Thanksgiving To All American Members

11-23-06, 08:28 PM
From this Canadian.
And Im sure from all the members.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


Keep up the good work.

11-23-06, 09:17 PM
Thanks, man. Appreciate the sentiment.

JRau in central Iowa

11-24-06, 08:39 AM
Now that I am sober...thanks! Happy thanksgiving to everyone!

So glad its a long weekend!

11-24-06, 07:30 PM
Wow only 2 replies.
Thought there were more here that appreciated the talent of Jimmy Hendrix, as well as his unprecedented performance of The Star Spangled Banner.
Especially the way it was put together with the performance of the Blue Angels.
Found it to be quite moving myself.

But guess different times and different tastes.
I must be gettin old.
But if thats what gettin old means to my generation then all I can say Is.......

"Bring It On !!"!!