: To: Caterasport2000

11-21-06, 04:58 PM
Hey, I couldn't send you a private message because I dont have 50 posts yet :( So im just going to do it like this. I Had my caddy towed to the dealer..they told me that the car was fine and they couldn't figure out why it wouldn't start. They said they checked the timing belt it was fine..and that they thought it needed spark plugs..So they did all the recall work on the car and called me when they finished and said it still wont start we are going to run a compression test. They did that the following day. Bad news from here They said the timing was off by 3 teeth enough that it destroyed the motor. So I said well why when I first brought it in did you say the timing belt was good? And they didn't have any answers. So at this point I was pretty upset. I posted on here awile ago that post you referred to in the private message before they told me the motor was bad. So I was like how can a car with 59,000 miles break like this? They didn't have any answers. So I called cadillac and caused a big scene. The man I was talking to wasn't giving me any answers so I demanded to talk to his superior. He let me talk to his boss and I was like Ok I have a catera that the timing belt went on due to cadillacs fault. I said Cadillac has been around since the beginning How can a great company or so I thought great company make a car that is pretty much brand new break and not be covered? I was like how do you sleep at night? Then I went on to say that I bought this car thinking that I was getting a great piece of machinery but all I got was trouble and problems. So I told him that I was going to write to a newspaper and magazine how I was treated by cadillac and that I have a car with 59,000 miles that died. At first they said it would not be covered (the blown motor because its out of warranty) They did pay for all the recalls tho. Then when I said that I would write to a newspaper he changed his mind quick. He said well I think that maybe we can work something out. I was like you better...as in buy a new motor and have it put in. So, the caddy is at the dealer with an engine on the way. I did cause a fit but I sure did prove my point. They don't want the cadillac name to get any worse. I don't know if this helps anyone but I hope so. If your car goes...call cadillac cause a scene cadillacs are not suppose to end up the way cateras often do...let them know that..don't ask...demand..stand up for yourself and your car...sometimes it works sometimes it might not..I wish the best.


11-21-06, 07:12 PM
Thanks Elijah! That was really nice of you to post all of that information. It's amazing what a squeaky wheel can do sometimes. Congratulations on your victory and I hope you made some new friends along the way ;)

I was thinking of buy a '98 with a blown timing belt but I'm not yet sure if the recall work has been done. You think I'd have any chance of getting it fixed if the recall work wasn't done? It has 63K.