: Replacing My Head Unit 2003 Seville STS (w/Bose)

Robert Howald
11-21-06, 10:14 AM
I have searched the forums and found some great information. However, I wanted to post about my project here in case anyone can point out a flaw and a few questions I have about it. :worship:

My car is a 2003 STS with the Bose system (8 speakers and centre console changer). I plan to replace only the head unit with my Pioneer DEH-P80MP (Manual (http://www.pioneerelectronics.ca/pna/product/manual/display/0,,32171715_32257497_103539299,00.html)) (Install Guide (http://www.pioneerelectronics.ca/pna/product/manual/display/0,,32171715_32257497_103539314,00.html)).

I will then hook up my iPod and SIRIUS to that unit. I have ordered from AudioOutfitter the following items:

METRA - 99-2005
PIONEER - SIRPNR2 - SIRPNR2 SIRIUS Satellite Radio adapter


Will I retain the ability to use the centre console changer? If not, no big deal since I will be using the iPOD.
I have read in some posts reference to the fact that I would need to buy an antenna adapter. Is this right, and is this something that Best Buy or Future Shop would carry or is it a specialty item.
I believe from reading some posts and the specs on the GMOS-06 that I will NOT need to retain the factory head unit in the trunk. Can you confirm this?
Will I retain steering wheel controls, or will I need something similar to the PESWIPS from Peripheral (LINK (http://peripheralelectronics.com/prodDetail.asp?strProductID=594&strCategory=Steering%20Wheel%20Control%20Interface s&strSearch=))
Even though I work in IT, technology hates me so I plan to have this installed professionally. If anyone knows of a good place in the Greater Toronto Area (North preferred) to have something like this installed I would appreciate it. My local Future Shop guys are pretty good but I am not sure how they would be with nonstandard stuff like this.

I had planned to use the Peripheral GMAH32 (link (http://peripheralelectronics.com/prodDetail.asp?strProductID=561&strCategory=OnStar/Data-Bus/CANBus&strSearch=GM)) but after the trouble I had with the iPod2Car and the fact that folks here had successfully used the GMOS-06, I decided to go with that solution.

Also, I would like to say that AudioOutfitter had very reasonable shipping and prices, even for sending to a Canadian like me shipping was suprisingly reasonably priced. Their Customer Service was also very quick to respond to a question of mine.

Thank you all in advance for your help.


11-21-06, 03:41 PM
1 No
2 Yes and yes its like 5 bucks it makes the plug from a smaller plug into a larger one for the unit
3.Yes the old hu is pulled and not relocated
4.Yes/No some people do retain them some dont, but i think with your car you should sort of, the hu will control the wattage like a bass knob would, and the wheel controls will control the volume of the amps
5.Sorry cant help you there all i can extend is the same offer i do to anyone, if you bring it to me, and pay for any parts i need to do the install ill do it for you (also i am not held liable if anything breaks or doesnt work though i am VERY good at installations)

Robert Howald
01-09-07, 11:28 PM
Got the whole shebang installed. However when they were installing the deck, they had to space it out a few inches. The installer said that there was a big metal bracket that kept them from fitting it all the way in properly. He said the bracket looked like it was connected to the vents (maybe holding them in place?).

Anyone know what this is, or how they got their deck to fit all the way in (did they have to cut). The BOSE Headunit does look shorter than a regular deck. My aftermarket HU is functional now, but does look ugly as it sticks out quite a ways. The installer also had to fit a piece to the bottom of the Metra 99-2005 mounting kit to make it fit with the temp controls, as there was a 1/2" space. This doesn't look as bad.

Also, I did lose my steering wheel controls. So Sad. And for some reason the new head unit won't dim properly with the dash dimmer controls. But other than that I like having the Sirius and Ipod capability.

One other thing (very minor). When I switch the car off and the 10 minute power retain kicks in, the deck keeps power, but sound stops for a second or so. Just wondering if this is normal, or is a sign of something amiss.


01-11-07, 05:34 PM
hey man, im goin through almost the exact same thing. i got the harness adapter and my buddy hooked me up with a steering wheel control adapter as well that i plan on using. however, my single din flip up screen was too deep to install as well. having it stick out is unacceptable to me so i purchased a double din unit thinking it would be better....nope. that damned metal piece in the back is blocking install and the stock piece is unusually shallow. i have planned on cutting it as little as possible and if it looks as though i will actually damage something functionally or structurally in the car i will stop and put the stock back in extremely sad and frustrated. im sure we are not the only people that have run into this problem, id like to hear what others did. good luck

01-11-07, 09:48 PM
I've got a 1din Alpine HU in my '02. I had to trim the metal support a little to get it to fit right. I am pretty sure that the bracing is to suport the dash and its components. Not alot of weight on it. The engineers also design things to react in a certain way in crashes also. So modifying the brace may cause the dash to fold up differently in a crash than it was originally designed to. But keep in mine that the brace is a fairly soft white metal. So pure strength is not what it is there for. I cut mine up, albeit, only minimally.


Robert Howald
01-12-07, 02:03 PM
Thanks for the feedback guys... Dadillac, what did you use to cut it? Just a small metal saw or did you use metal crimpers or something along those lines.

The installer is giving my ecuses about why he doesnt want to sut it, fearing for wires, or peircing one of the vents if he uses a small saw.

01-12-07, 08:58 PM
Believe it or not, I used a Roto Zip with a couple of sheet rock bits. It is a tight fit in there for tools. I now have an air compressor, and the tool selction, is alot better. But first I drilled several holes spaced very close together. I used the Roto Zip to cut between the holes. I also was nervous about cutting into the vent tubing, as it is extremely close to the bracing. But setting the depth on the tool made all the difference.

If you have access to air tools, you will do better drilling the holes, and using a die grinder to finish it off. It will go faster, and come out cleaner.


03-20-07, 02:34 AM
Well, I will keep my Bose. I do not want lo loose steering controls. I have Ipod video & FM-transmitter, works fine.
Also I have IPOD AV-cable and soon 7" TFT...