: Miracle fuel additive stopped noise and oil consumption

03-03-04, 03:59 PM
OK its not a miracle additive but it worked and I am shocked.

I added 2 stroke oil to my 00 STS for 1 tank of gas. I used synthetic prelube I think it was silkolene...or some such small bottle.

The first start ticking disappeared and my oil consumption disappeared also. My car has never run smoother and still has the same power if not a little more off the line pep as before.

I have read other mags that say its ok to do and it never turned on my check engine light at all.

This being said I also used it in my 82 Jeep cherokee Chief and it ran smoother and cooler!

It works guys!

03-03-04, 04:11 PM

I do that each fall (run two stroke oil in the gas) to prep the engine for storage in my fun cars , motorcycles and other equipment/engines that get stored and it works excellently in "fogging" the engines and exhaust systems for storage. Also, keeps varnish and such from building up whereever gasoline remains in the system (the oil film left over as the gas evaporates coats the parts and prevents any corrosion or varnish from sticking)......but....I have never heard of it being used consistently as a gas additive for noise or oil consumption.

Is this a recent experience and/or how long since you did it. Hard to check an improvement in oil consumption in one tank....and if you have to keep it up then you are using more 2-stroke oil than the regular engine oil would have..so why bother...???

03-03-04, 04:52 PM
This is over the last 3 months I do not use the oil at every fill up at all I have used it 3 times about once a month. My 2000 has 78K miles on it I use the car very well.

It is my opinion that the 2stroke oil reduces carbon fouling in my motor......And my caddy uses one quart per 1K mile before now i am not using a thing now.

03-05-04, 11:12 PM
how much do you add per tank?