View Full Version : Strange hole under ignition module

11-21-06, 07:07 AM
While searching for the FPR last night (and discovering it was leaking) I noticed what appeared to be a pencil-sized hole blown through what appears to be the wall of the ignition module underneath one of the coil packs. At first I thought it was just a molded bolt channel where a bolt to hold the module to the engine had perhaps gone through the side. But upon closer inspection it looks as though the hole was ripped open from an inside force, much like schrapnel pierced it. The housing appears to be fiberglass. Sorry I can't take a picture at the moment. It appears to be underneath the one coil that I have identified as being weak anyway. Maybe the coil is bad but the ignition module is defective. There are no fluids coming out, and from the whiteish look of the frayed edges around the hole it is relatively fresh. Any ideas?

11-21-06, 11:53 AM
Tough to say without a visual. Post a pic.