: Project thats out of controll....

11-19-06, 09:47 PM
Some of you know i always have a few projects going ....This one is one that mom will see on dec 25th. She has no idea right now. Its a 1/25 scale model of her first car , a 71 duster. Now , you can buy 71 duster kits all day. BUT none can be had equipped like her car, a rather mudaine slant six bench seat automatic car. Moreover with the chrysler acorn hubcaps. With a 71 kit in hand i began the research , a slant six was found in a 64 dodge 300 kit, so that kit was bought and the slant six was stolen from it. The wheels however werent so easy , I managed to find a set of blank wheels that came in a Studebaker Avanti kit , so that kit was bought and wheels stolen , and im now going thru the process of laying out very small lines in the wheel to make them look like the acorn hubcaps. The first wheel has taken 1 hour. Then comes picking the color of the body (a chrysler rally red i hope) and what the grille looked like , i needed pics of her car. I had to ask for an album , then explain why , which i told her was that i needed a pic of me when i was little.

The picture wasnt there, and now i have to drive one hour to my grandmothers to find the pic of the car there.

2 months of reserch and parts buying ...this is where i am ....a assembled engine and front subframe and one tire/wheel combo ....ARRG


Last year was this , a replica of dads 73 vette , which in comaprison to this duster ....was a walk in the park .....

11-19-06, 09:58 PM
Thats so cool! What can't you do? I used to do tons of model cars, I even made a couple of my caddys in scale.

This site might be able to help you get some conversion parts, I think that have the cone wheels. http://modelhaus.com/parts.cfm

11-19-06, 11:35 PM
Hmmm...a black '72 Challenger with black vinyl top and black interior, 440 painted Hemi Orange with red MSD ignition and mag wheels would be a helluva project for you to work on too, dontcha think? :)

11-19-06, 11:41 PM
How about a '93 K5 Blazer? haha. Keep us updated with pics!

11-19-06, 11:44 PM
the charger is do able ....and i think the k5 is too ....duster and gladys have to be done first

11-19-06, 11:51 PM
No no no...no Charger! E-body! :)

I remember when you were doing the Vette...it came out really good...and from what I can see in that pic, your work on the one wheel looks really really good too.

I've got a couple of '72 Challenger kits that I picked up a year or so ago, but I've not gotten around to working on them yet. I never even thought of buying a different model to get the big motor though...I may have to look into that!

Keep the pics coming of yours!

11-20-06, 09:29 AM
Dman nice job. You are doing really good for the Duster, but that Corvette looks very nice! :thumbsup:

11-20-06, 10:15 AM
I use to do models and buy three or four to make one then buy model railroad landscaping and mount it all to boards. I entered a few contests but best ever was third place in the under 15 class. I remember a prostreet Baretta that revell made that was perfect for just about any body you wanted to put on it. I was in love with the 70-72 monte carlos so made a pro street Monte that was black with silver racing stripes. I painted a 1x8 like a dragway and bought the tree and made the divider with cardboard and painted it. Bought guardrails and set it up like it was launching and even torqued the front end. Put some cotton out the back to look like smoke.....Very cool! Wish I stil had that. I am going to buy a model or two today and a new testers paint kit. I loved making those things. Points for the post!

11-20-06, 10:16 AM
There is a store here in strongsville that is for remote control and diecast but has probably every classic model you can think of from original General Lees to Lambos and ratis.

11-20-06, 09:18 PM
^^ Any Caddys??

11-20-06, 09:23 PM
I didnt go today but am planning a trip there in the morning. Looking for caddies for sure. I'll let you know any particular ones...I'll snap pics and if you want any I could buy them and ship them to you. They have hundreds of them.

11-20-06, 10:56 PM
If ya find a NICE version of a '72 Challenger, call me about the price...will pm you the number.

11-21-06, 08:32 AM
Yeah, if you can, get a little inventory going. Might be interested as a gift for myself. :D

12-11-06, 11:31 PM
good news , shes done ...

here it is , in its case with pictures of mom with her first car and of her first car .....came out pretty damned good ...now to wait to see her reaction on christmas day

12-11-06, 11:40 PM
WOW! Looks nice stoney......
I'm sure she'll be touched by the time and effort you put into it and the memories it will bring to her every time she sees it....'great touch with the pics

12-12-06, 12:00 PM
Beautiful work on the car Stoney! :thumbsup: