: How 'bout them Cowboys!?

11-19-06, 06:51 PM
Awesome game and am so happy that we won! BTW sorry Eagles fans but your season is done!!

11-19-06, 07:13 PM
I, too, am a big Cowboys fan, but in a way, it's sad to see the Colts lose their perfect season. At this point in the season, they should have gone all the way.

However, when Peyton Manning was at Tennessee, I sure didn't root for him. I am a huge Nebraska Cornhuskers fan, and Peyton could give Nebraska some trouble...

JRau in central Iowa

JRau in central Iowa

11-19-06, 07:13 PM
no more McNabb i hear
i missed the last half of the boys game...glad they won...a bit lol

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