: Nintendo Wii

Lady Danielle
11-19-06, 09:41 AM
Okay so I know Sal and I are on vacation but the boat leaves today..Sunday. So last night I went to Toys R US in Miami.....i got a console for my nefphew who lives in NY...I waited for 4 hours and I was the 2nd to last person to get one. Im so glad this crap is over with. Anyone else get one or planning on getting one? :Danielle:

11-19-06, 10:17 AM
My apartment mate pre-ordered one and we picked it up last night. It's freaking amazing. The game play is awesome.

11-19-06, 11:01 AM
I'm thinking about getting one. It looks pretty neat.

11-19-06, 11:04 AM
i gotta take a wii ....the bladder is full and pattern empty ....

11-19-06, 11:21 AM
Its finally something innovative and different, but I don't understand why people are so excited. I'll buy one for cheap in January.

11-19-06, 11:35 AM
I hope Cartman got his or he's going to be really upset.. :D

11-19-06, 11:38 AM
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11-19-06, 12:22 PM
It looks cool, I'm thinking of getting that for my brother. I know my dad got him PS3 for christmas... rotten child hehe

11-19-06, 12:26 PM
I overslept. The Best Buy here got 64 units and I heard only about 20 people camped out. So that was 44-units to walk ins. And I FREAKING overslept!

My budget is screwed anyways, last $300 is going towards a new monitor and network phones. With my old monitor, 32" HD-TV, finally set up in the living room no way in hell I'm going back to a 15/17" CRT.

11-19-06, 02:02 PM
I got one only for the void in my heart for the little plumber brothers and their friend Zelda. I haven't picked it up yet but think that the motion controller is a bit annoying so I probably will turn it off for most games.. I think I move around too much. Gotta say its alot better price than the PS3 and I know will not have the problems the sony and Microsoft products had on release days.

11-19-06, 02:32 PM
I got a game cube when they first came out and the only game you could get for it was luigis mansion. I still dont have a lot of games for it and I dont play video games a lot anyway. If I get the new one it wont be for a while.

11-19-06, 02:35 PM
game cube is alright but I only play zelda on it. I bought a mario cart game but never play it. ITs fun and all but not a one person game. more fun against others......the only thing i didn't like about it was the obvious gearing towards kids. The controllers look like they are from fisher price!

11-19-06, 08:24 PM
How much are the Wii going for. I really don't keep up with this. I think the Wii is really going to fare a lot better against Sony and Microsoft than the Gamecube did. :)

11-19-06, 08:31 PM
249.99 Retail gets you one controller and Wii Sports. $60 for another controller and $50 games.

11-19-06, 10:51 PM
Please tell me the Gamecube owners have played Resident Evil 4? Anyway, I will get a Wii when they drop in price, right now, my computer is plenty beefy to play any game at high settings.

11-19-06, 11:02 PM
I didn't even know they existed until I saw that episode of south Park, why does Nintendo always trail along with something most people don't want?

11-19-06, 11:10 PM
Why do people want the PS3 so much more than the Wii? I don't pay much attention to video games so it's beyond me.

Oh man! Until recently, I thought it was just a made up system in South Park!

11-19-06, 11:27 PM
lol, so did I, I thought they were spoofing the 360 it looked so damn much like it.

11-20-06, 03:25 AM
Why do people want the PS3? Thats an excellent question and one I really don't have an answer to. Xbox has Halo, Wii/cube has Zelda, PS3 has nothing. Practicly every game on PS3 you can get on PC or Xbox 360.

11-20-06, 08:53 AM
Why do people want the PS3? Thats an excellent question and one I really don't have an answer to. Xbox has Halo, Wii/cube has Zelda, PS3 has nothing. Practicly every game on PS3 you can get on PC or Xbox 360.

Sony is targeting a wider audience with their device. The main difference between the PS3/360/Wii is the hardware.

PS3 is boasting Hi-Def graphics including an integrated 5.1 Surround Sound decoder also a Blu-Ray DVD drive. This is the primary reason why PS3 cost up to $600 dollars. Sony could have sold the unit for far less had they removed the drive but that would elminte have their target audience. The PS3 will target people who may not even play games frequently. For those movie watchers who want something that is a jack of all trades kind of thing. Of all the PS3 launch titles, 12, five of them are exclusive [could be more but their names escape me] so how you can say that you'd find it on PC/360 escapes me. In fact Sony has the most exclusive games.

Wii isn't trailing one bit. They took a different approach this time and their target audience is non-gamers. People who don't understand the enjoyment that can be had through gaming. Their hardware isn't polished nor will it ever be but that isn't want Nintendo wants. They will probably focus on Hi-Def in their next system but will use the Wii to draw more gamers. It is using a new system of IR receivers that will take more user movement over user button input. This is a huge risk by Nintendo and it will be either hit or miss. The Nintendo DS is a great example of the innovation Nintendo is trying to incorporate into the gaming world while Sony PSP is another multimedia device. Gamers love the DS over the PSP but technie junkies don't even want to look at a DS.

The 360 has the smallest library of exclusive titles but Microsoft focused primarly on gamers for their system. The 360, in current state, is the closest you'd ever get to a PC in terms of gaming hardware. When MS releases Windows Vista it will integrate the 360 into's frameware allowing gaming tags and whatever or any game made for the PC using a certain dev-kit to cross-link with the 360 gamers. This is all still theory as MS hasn't released any actual games but rumors circulate via the net that Halo 3 will be one of those.

Each system has its strengths and faults. You're habits will decide which system will be best for you. If you watch more movies then you play games then the PS3 is the best solution. If you just play games and enjoy tons of online gaming features the 360 is your best bet. If you prefer having fun with your best friends in a room with no need for hi-def or strong online features then the Wii is yours.

In the last era PS2 owned the market. I will go on a limb and say in this era PS3 will continue.

11-20-06, 09:02 AM
I really like what they are doing w/ the controller, but i am getting a lil old, 22, I dont know if i have the energy to be on my feet swinging a paddle. S! pressure sensitive buttons on the PS2 make my thumbs hurt when playing Gran Turismo.

11-20-06, 09:05 AM
At 23 I'm sure I got the energy to swing a Wii-mote around.

But games that make me love my GC make me wonder.

Can you picture four full grown men, about 6" tall average height, in one room swinging their remote around while playing the Wii's Mario Tennis? It doesn't look very good to me. I'd have to empty out the room of any valuables before we even set up.

We'll see.

11-20-06, 09:17 AM
I see fights starting, as I push my buddy from in front the sensor so I can serve the winning ACE.

11-20-06, 09:19 AM
The Wii will be $250 compared to the 360 and PS3? Damn, that will really work. Seriously, for that price I might buy one, and I haven't played ANY video game in over 8 months.

11-20-06, 09:20 AM
Railven is right about the wii and not being as sought after as the PS3 due to its hardware but also the history of games from Nintendo are usually geared towards the young ones.
The reasons for each company's marketing tactics so to speak make sense which ever one you look at.
The Wii....with games geared towards kids the price has to be lower and the controller being the way it is...kids are more apt to get up and "play" their games. So it makes sense to have more appealing games to kids not saying they don't have adult games but the choices are not like those of the sony or microsoft camps.
The PS3 is definitely an adult console...so they can afford taking a chance with the higher price and the games that come with that are more adult games. SO the thought of the wii being behind the PS3 is not quite accurate. The wii team did not go as heavy with the advertising so that they can keep the prices lower on the Wii. I don't blame them. They know they will have a quality system that will be bought by people. Come on its Nintendo! Father of home game consoles. and I dont want to hear any "hey atari was befor the nintendo!" you all know what I meant.
They two companies have two totally different attitudes towards getting their systems out. Both which I think will work.....

11-20-06, 09:25 AM
Could u imagine if like GTA was on Wii. Take that controler and walk around bitch slapping people, they really could argue that the game is a training ground for kids to become killers then.

11-20-06, 09:33 AM
I didn't even think of the kid angle Pinball used. That is great. WIth the Wii so cheap and the games more interactive all Nintendo has to do is say "parents with the Wii your kids will be ACTIVE and lose weight!" exploiting the overweight talk that is hitting our nation.

Plus with a great starting price, games cheaper, and the actual games Nintendo can pocket a fortune and still be true to the Fami-Con name.

Brilliant Pinball, brilliant!

EDIT: GTA on the Wii eh? That be interesting...haha.

11-20-06, 10:40 AM
I was watching the history of video games last night, and they talked about this game online Second Life. Anyone heard of it or play this game. It seems as if it has a cult following.

11-20-06, 10:48 AM
Second Life is a MMO-RPG [although not much of an RPG from what I've read] that is suppose to be just that a Second Life.

The game has more then a cult following. People actually make real money from their shops in that game. I was reading about a lawsuit because of some new teleportation system that was being incorporated. Basically you by land, as you would in real live, and the land closer to a teleport spot would go for more because it is prime real estate. The new system would allow you to teleport anywhere basically removing the edge the people who bought land close to the old teleporters had.

So law suit.

I didn't finish reading if the game developers won or what not but it led into some World of Warcraft reading and how much power does a ToS actually have.

Interesting legal stuff.

But the game, sorry I think I shared everything I know about it.

11-20-06, 11:54 AM
I'm back from getting thrown out of a store. The short story is MY Wii that was sitting there all paid for with a reciept attached to it and a note saying will be picked up monday was sold! No one knows who did...apparently Santa was a Wii bit short and took mine! At least they got their counter cleared off! I slid my arm across it on the way out. I guess I need more anger management classes!

11-20-06, 12:04 PM
LOL, I would want 10% back and my console. Some sort of compensation, I would have thrown a child like hissy fit. Learned from my friend u cant hit store employees w/o leaving by running or in handcuffs.

11-20-06, 12:23 PM
yeah I knew better than to hit any of these guys....plus this is where i got the hook up. Jay-diggity wasn't working so I really lost it. He would have calmed me down. I doubt i get anything back for my Wii they did offer to refund the money.
I did get call of Duty3 for free. If they still give it to me when I go back. I am going to wait for Jay to be there though.

11-20-06, 01:18 PM
Not getting any new consoles for a while. Have computer upgrades and car repairs first. It blows.

11-20-06, 01:26 PM
My brother threw a fit all day yesterday because he didn't get one. My mom tried but it just didn't happen. He is such an un-grateful brat, like he needs another gaming unit anyway!!!!!! I do have to admit it seems cool that you can move the remote and it will move the character in the games but still....it's just another one to add to his collection!

11-20-06, 01:33 PM
Just smack the brat. Some kids are so spoiled these days. How about a Wii game to retrain parents on how to spank spoiled kids? ;)

11-20-06, 01:43 PM
Seriously!!!! I really almost slapped him yesterday. He is so ungrateful, yet I feel like at his age he should start to be "getting" it (or having better understanding). He just doesn't see how lucky he is, and I can't stand it. He was yelling saying that he's had to wait forever and that Mom didn't go to the store to get it for him. There would've been no point in going to the stores...they were sold out first thing. She tried to get on waiting lists before, and she also called stores first thing in the morning and they were out. He's just a brat and I think he needs a spanking or something. He needs something to shock him! You can yell back and he doesn't care one bit.

11-20-06, 01:50 PM
I feel u, but in the event he does get one in time, I want a video of u playing Mario tennis swinging the paddle w/ all your might B.

11-20-06, 01:52 PM
Is it the might you want to see on video tag....?

11-20-06, 01:53 PM
LMAO! Ummm no thanks.

11-20-06, 01:58 PM
Why not, I dont quite get how the controler works, and u have a way with people. I'm sure u could demonstrate it and and all would make sense. :bulb:

11-20-06, 02:31 PM

So... the Wii is a cheap whore?

11-20-06, 03:50 PM
Why not, I dont quite get how the controler works, and u have a way with people. I'm sure u could demonstrate it and and all would make sense. :bulb:

I would look hella retarted.

11-20-06, 03:55 PM
B we all do stupid things. I dont think anything u do would diminish my opinion of u. You have set too much presidence already :gurl:

11-20-06, 03:56 PM
LOL! Well trust me I act retarted a lot....but I am not filming it for the world to see HAHAHAHAHA!!!

11-20-06, 03:58 PM
I wanna hear what kinda crazyness u and your girl were doing the other night after u drank a 1/5 of vodka!

11-20-06, 10:33 PM

So... the Wii is a cheap whore?

I love the vid. I'll take that Wii please. Cheap whore, I don't give a f**k! :drool:

11-21-06, 12:50 AM
You know even Wii isn't using any new technology. Montion sensors have been around for years in the gaming world.

Anyone remember the Nintendo Power Glove? Man that thing was a awesome piece of shit that I loved owning. Bad Street Brawler owned with that thing oh and Rad Racer...a game I never knew Squaresoft made until a few years ago.


11-21-06, 07:34 AM
I still have it railven still working last I checked about 2 years ago.

11-21-06, 09:28 AM
That's awesome. Over the years we've lost the IR receivers but still have the actual glove.

I'd love to get a working model, but E-Bay hasn't helped much.

Muahaha I'm looking at some auctions now, see if I can score it!

11-21-06, 09:35 AM
Couch potatos no more. There was a spot on the local news last night with a health center. They took measurements from a Wii user playing a boxing game. They said he was well into the anaerobic level of exercise.
The health instructor said this is the only video game he would buy for his kids. :punch:

11-21-06, 09:42 AM
I've read a few article at work where they've been using videogames more in the health department.

There is a device made that allows handicap people to sort of rotate these wheels with their hands, one on the left and one on the right, that they hooked up to GT4.

If you spin both wheels your car goes forward, spin just the right the car turns right, left it turns left, spin em backwards the car brakes harder then goes into reverse.

It is for people who are disabled below the waste and need to develop strong upper bodies. The news lady that did the report said it is a "work out."

Plus those weird Yoga games I see that use the Eye Toy.

Oh that cancer game that helps kid deal with their disease by letting them virtually annihilate the cancerous cells.

I want to try out that wheel for GT4.

11-21-06, 09:54 AM

11-21-06, 09:57 AM
Thats the PA my girlfriend wanted me to read.

Haha, I love those guys.

11-24-06, 09:58 PM
My brother just got one today. I used to play games back in the day but haven't for years, and I gotta say....this thing is the Sh*t!!!!!!!!!!! Not like he even let me have a turn but just watching was so fun. I love that you get to swing the remote around and it acts out your movements. It's so awesome!