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11-18-06, 04:11 PM
I went down to the local advance automotive to buy ceramic brake pads to get rid of the brake dust problem. They asked me if I have the standard brakes or performance brakes on my SRX. I have no ideal, I bought it used and is fully loaded '05 V-6 AWD with all options including 18" wheels. Does it have performance brake package or not and what is the difference? They had two brands of ceramic pads Bendix Ceramic And Friction Master Ceramics. Any suggestions on which brand to go with. The Bendix pads are $40.00 more than the Friction Masters. Any advise would be much welcome.

11-19-06, 10:03 PM
My GMT/05-SRX Service manual does not list any "performance brakes" nor any distinction among V6, V8, RWD, AWD versions although many GM vehicles do have "standard" and "HD".

Also many GM "HD" brakes are said to be disk in front (usually a different setup than standard) and drum in rear.

Suggest www.brakeworld.com/ceramic-brake-pads.asp for "Why Ceramic".

Also suggest trying > www.hawkperformance.com/parts/search.php < or > www.raybestos.com/usa/techquietstoppads.htm <. Many web sites to check.

There are several outlets/ brands for "ceramic brake pads" and often pricing varies from a "bargain price" (mfg where by whom??) to as much as 3 times more for "quality"; an auto mechanic friend suggested that some "bargain" pads have a thin ceramic layer that soon wears away whereas most "quality" brands are ceramic all the way through. Your choice.

I found for my '99 DeVille Concours that Raybestos QS-QuietStop offered the best option for me: good quality ceramic pads, locally available, mid-range-pricing. Hope I can repeat when my '05 SRX N*V8 RWD needs brakes.
Good luck

11-20-06, 07:51 AM
Thanks for the information. I went with the better bendix ceramics, They gave me a lifetime replacement warranty (includes wear). I think I found out what the performance brakes listing was for. If you search brakes in CTS it ask if you have standard or performace brakes maybe they programmed it into the system for both CTS & SRX. I ordered the standard and will let you know if they fit.

11-22-06, 01:31 AM
There are 3 different distinctions in brakes according to my dealership parts dept--Most plain jane srxs with dull alloy wheels and V6, had the standard brakes. The upgraded all wheel drives with chrome 18" wheels and V8's had the "performance brakes" Now the new SRX Sport comes factory with the ceramics.......go figure, they must not have been able to make up their mind............I believe the durastop ceramics from a/c delco(we have them at my dealer) are the best choice as they are the only one GM recommends. They are about 78 bucks a set. Supercrew632

11-22-06, 07:52 AM
Are all the brake pads the same size and just different quality? I have a 05' V-6 AWD with 18" wheel option and need to know if there is a difference in size.