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11-17-06, 11:29 AM
Hey Guys,
I have a 96 sts with the bose stereo from factory. I recently installed 2 12" jbl's and a 1000 watt sony xplode amp to the stock hu as I do not want to change the stock speakers and rewire the whole car. I installed a cheap speaker input/ rca out box teed into the rear speaks and a remote output from a power source under the dash. The problem is my subs sound like crap, they are really distorted and seem to be moving too much. I have had these subs and amp in a blazer before and they sounded 50 times better. I am thinking that the little black box (speaker signals to rca outputs) is too cheap and is the reason it sounds so bad. I was looking into those PAC converters on ebay and I heard that they might do the job. Has anyone used this before and how did it compare to aftermarket hu hooked up to an amp and subs. Are there any other options?

11-17-06, 11:50 AM
pac makes one 32 pin line out to replace subs
it will sound MUCH cleaner
however keep this in mind
where as before im assuming you connected the line out to the speaker terminals they got the bose amped power so they were louder
you COULD try connecting them at the 4 prong plug before they are amped by the bose amps and see if that sounds better
also all rca line inverters have an adjustment nob to filter, you could try adjusting that before spending more money...
anyways back to as i was saying if you do get the pac converter again this will be before the bose amps and will not recieve the aditional power, when i was building my system and i fulled aruond with this i could barely hear my subs when i wired it before the bose amps, im assuming the rca line adapter needs and amplifed signal to provide good voltage output to the amps.
anyways just food for thought...

11-17-06, 12:44 PM
Adjust your gains on the LOC and the amp and turn bass all the way down on the HU.

11-17-06, 11:08 PM
CadillacETC1997 thanks for the help man, it's appreciated. A quick question tho, the amps are connected to the back of the speakers correct? so if I tee the rca converter before them I am not getting the amplified output. Right now I have it teed off between the amp and speaker and am not sure how good this is for my amp-the bose amp powering my amp ya know? I am gonna try adjusting the nobs on the impedance box tommorow and see if it makes a difference. Just wondering, how did you set yuors up? Did you end up buying a aftermarket HU or??
Thanks, Dan

11-17-06, 11:16 PM
yes before amp, no amped power i stated this
it wont hurt amp either way
i replaced and rewired everything