View Full Version : I Miss my SRX

c5 rv
11-16-06, 09:17 PM
I drove her last on Monday, but she's been sitting my garage since then, taunting me.

Monday I had to drop off my truck with my mechanic for new brake lines and trans & diff fluid changes. I had my wife's caregiver and my wife follow me in the SRX. The car looked great in the rearview mirror.

Tuesday I drove my son's Impala SS so I could drop that with the mechanic after work so he could lube the intermediate steering shaft. He's overseas, so there's no one to drive the SRX. The supercharged 3.8 is nice, but the seats hurt my back. Whoops, truck not ready.

Weds, drove the SS again in hopes of dropping it off. The steering shaft clunks are driving me as nuts as my sore back. Called my mechanic late in the afternoon. He wanted to talk to me about what lubricants I wanted in the diffs. He knows I'm anal. Truck not ready again.

Thurs, drove the SS again. Actually dropped it off. Truck drives great. It's sleeting tonight. Probably makes more sense to drive the AWD truck rather than the RWD SRX tomorrow.

Maybe I can take my wife out for dinner in the SRX on Saturday.