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11-16-06, 08:18 PM
All the meets seem to be in the US.
Seein as there are many members here from Canada.
And Ive noticed quite a few from Ontario.

Why nothing in the GTA.

Ive been considering it but dont really have the parking space.
Sure I have a large enough home and yard for the people. Could fire up a great Q for a horde, but the parking !! :eek:

Would be sweet though to have Caddys parked up, down, and round all the streets and corners of the neighborhood.

But seriuosly......GTA ??

Anyone any ideas :bouncy:

12-09-06, 08:00 PM
Sound's good to me Murphyg. I'm in Niagara on the Lake so I'm only an hour and a half away. Depending on the date and time, I'm interested. Chris

12-10-06, 04:32 PM
Thought this had turned into a dead thread.
Thanx for the revival.

So just threw the idea at the wife and shes all for it.
We've been doing a fire works show for close friends and the neighborhood every May 24 since we've lived here and she suggested then.
Is generally not the best weather then so wont try that.

So she's thinking maybe Canada day weekend.
We have a fair sized park directly across the road so could do another fire works show.
I really love my pyrotechnics so any excuse for a show is great.

But seein as some look at that weekend as the first official (generally good weather) long weekend of summer, alot of people have plans that they've followed for years.

But if enough would/could make it on that weekend we could go with that ??
If not could always pick another date. Am sure there will be many nice weekends this coming summer

Think Canada Day could be a good time ?
Yours and anyone elses input would be appreciated :yup:
Will start with that date and see what kind of responses I get.

:bouncy: :bouncy:

Prime Rib on the rotisserie mmmmmmmmmm

12-10-06, 06:58 PM
That could be a tough day for me as we usually have a large gathering at our house to watch the fireworks next door at the Virgil Stampede. Are you considering a Sat. or Sunday for the gtg, or the actual holiday Monday. As you said there will be lots of weekends throughout the summer we should be able to hook up. Possibly even do something down this way a little closer to the border one day and some of the U.S. members might want to attend. Prior to owning my Caddy, I owned a Chevy Avalanche truck and was part of that club for a couple of years. Funny thing was we had a chat simular to this one a few years ago. Next thing I new I was running the first Us/Can Chevy Avalanche Rally held in Niagara Falls. It ended up being alot of work but was very successful. We had 110 trucks show up from all over North America. Trucks from as far as Florida and Texas. Ended up being a weekend event. Police weren't very happy with me when we had a cruise with all 110 trucks down the Niagara River Pkwy from the Falls to Niagara on the Lake. They let me off because we raised about $1300 for a local charity. Didn't know the cruise had to be registered with the city if we had more than 50 vehicles involved in a rally. Any ways, it would be a treat to attend a gtg in the GT area. I will keep an eye on this thread.

12-10-06, 11:31 PM
Like I was sayin, the long weekends are generally booked traditionally.
So I did figure any of them would be out.

You've said you have done something like this before.

Ive thrown some large gatherings/get togethers before. But an actuall "Meet" per say ? Maybe Im out of my league on this one.
From what you've mentioned, sounds like there may be a bit more to it then just having a load of people over for a great Q.

Am curious as to what size of property you have, and as to what kind of area/neighborhood you live in. More of a rural area maybe other than a residential area like where Im living ?
Or as things started to progress did you find you needed to rent some land near by to accomadate everything ?

To tell the truth....The area that Im in has for a long time been regarded as one of the more rural areas, despite all the development that has been happening around it. And with the development that has since been taking it over, it is still doing all that it can to preserve that essence of rural down home nostalgia that it is the true meaning of this town.

The Farmers Market every Saturday, from May to October, shutting down Main Street traditionally to sell there wares. Farm grown vegetables, fruits, preserves, home baked breads etc.....

The Fall fair where steam engines of all sorts are displayed. Cattle auctions if you believe it,(sure cattle auctions arent that big deal but think its made special for this fair) and what I think is probably one of the last smash up derbies still round in Ont. Steam tractor pulls. And old car auctions I believe

Had a friend at work say to me that I live in a hick town. Said jokingly that Milton is a hick town and we're all red-necks. That being based on his visit to the wreckers in Milton.
Thats being based on an individual who lives in the Inisfill area. Somewhere of Inisfill road I believe.
He rates towns at there hick value based on there wreckers when hes lookin for car parts.

Im thinkin, "you may be a red-neck when you rate a town on whats available in there wreckin yard for your 98 Suburban" LMAO

Seriously though, they have car auctions here regularilly. There is even disputes going on about what land and where the temp storage of vehicles before and during is acceptable.
Something that has been regular and of no concern for years.

Have owners of land here trying to make use of it during the off growing seasons of whatever they grow. Doing what they can to make the ends meet with there property and gettin hassled cause you aren't allowed to store cars there.
Even if you cant grow on a hill. Cant temporarilly store cars there. Not enviromentally friendly all of a sudden. My guess is that is the developers that planted that seed . Do what they can to screw the land owners so they can then move in and build sweet condos on the escarpment and sell to the really rich so they can look down on the unworthy.

Sorry for the rant.
So seein as you have some experience in this and you are also interested.
Maybe you could give me some pointers and advice as to what may be all involved.

My idea was whom ever comes is cool. Will have to park on the street in the neighborhood. Only one side parking though. No parking allowed across the street the park side.
Have a big assed deck out back. Stil have a bit of yard space after the deck. Is a new development so no huge property thing after the deck but still have some green space. Have a big assed Q. And like said the front door opens up to the park directly across the road. No front yard per say. Actually no front yard at all.
Sidewalk, boulavard, street, park. But have full sized patio table and chairs on the porch. Biggest porch in the neighborhod.
Is great to sit and watch over the park. Not a bad set up really.

House is 3800 sq ft not including the basement. Basicly what is called open concept. Tuns of room for children to be indoors or out.

The second summer we were here (was very new development) a member of the United Church approched me one summer day when I was out washing my 93 SLS.

Was first Lac and I never looked back.

Said that he was trying to organize a block party in the area to welcome all the new home owners in the area.

Personally Im of no specific denomination. But found that he wasnt trying to push any specific denomination.
All that he was asking was for someone to help out with there welcoming to the community.
As it turned out the town had given them the permision to organize a gathering but they would not allow them to set up there BBQ in the park.
They were looking for someone who would allow them to place there sponsers BBQ (M&M Meats) on there property. Like i said Im right across from the park so said ok.
Dont know how many times I had to specify that the BBQ wasnt mine. That it was provided from them.
Even the next year during my May 24 fireworks. People were coming to me and saying.."your the same ones that had that BBQ" and I humbly accepted there thanks but corrected them that the BBQ wasnt mine.

Anyways. Had to be at least 60 individuals that showed in there own vehicles. Then the other 60 if not 100 more that walked over from the neighborhood and joined in.
Was quite the success.

But that was an organized event that I really had nothing to do with.
Other than allowing the Q on my property. And ended up tending to as well.
God did I stink of M&M for what seemed like days after. LOL

They even had a retired OPP to tend to the trafic for the road crossing. Which wasnt an issue anyways.
Also apparently a district court judge out and about. Hope I remember him and he remembers me if it is ever needed.

Then later that summer the Rotary club did the same thing.
There organizing sucked. Nothing planned, no notice etc.....But they set there Q in the park.
Seein as thats right at my front door I walked out, mingled, found whom I thought may be in charge, and asked.

"How where yous able to get permission to put your Q up in the park but the United Church was denied".

He looked at me and said "we didnt ask..." ......"shhhhhh"..."
*******s. Was ok though cause what they tried to do was really quite pitifull.
I now have no respect for the Rotary Club of Milton :kick:

Sos' any ways:
There is much time and I would like to see this happen.
But you've brought to my attention that this is something that is even much more involved than a get together with a large group of friends even.

Ive brought it up.
Sounds like your on board with it. You have some experience.
Maybe we could get together after the holidays and you could help me out. Pointers and such. Work together even, if all goes well after meeting.
Sounds like could be a plan and something to do if we're able to.

Was all up in the air suggestion from the beginning. And even a bit closer for the US members could work as well. But remember. As stated in my post. Those Americans have them all the time. And us Nuks that do go, they go out of the way. And like you said the GTA isnt that far of from the border.

The idea is to have a Canadian meet. I dont think there has been one yet.
And in that sense it should be more accesable to the Canadian members.

South Central Ontario. Canadian thing that is a bit more accesable to us Canadian Cadillac lovers.
Believe there are at least a few if not more members in Northern ONT.
So dont see why to bring it closer to the American border. If anything would go further north.
Im thinkin to cater to the Canadian members.
Are many US meets all the time. But I see Cadillacs all over the place here.
So dont see any harm in having a meet where we are centralized.

Dont get me wrong...I have nothing against Americans or any members no matter where they may who they what they may be.

Was just thinking / hopein, it may be possible to get together a Canadian South Central meet for those of us that are in this area.

South Central Ontario ;)

12-25-06, 12:53 AM
hi there folks, im surprised i dont see lots of ppl from GTA on this forum? there is no other place to post or is there?

08-12-07, 11:36 PM
id be up for it

08-16-07, 04:43 PM
id be up for it
Hows bout me and you to start LOL.
Im in Milton too. Hawthorne Village.

08-21-07, 12:45 AM
im on the south side old school milton, you drive a silver cts to?

08-21-07, 04:15 PM
im on the south side old school milton, you drive a silver cts to?

Silver STS.

08-21-07, 10:32 PM
sweet we will have to meet up for a coffie somtime!

08-22-07, 04:19 PM
sweet we will have to meet up for a coffie somtime!

Anytime. :thumbsup:

08-29-07, 09:26 AM
I'm from the nether regions of eastern ontario - Ottawa. But I've been known to travel, especially to T.O and Niagara Falls/St. catherines

11-02-08, 09:46 AM
If there are enough Windsor to GTA caddy owners, how about half way? London is a pretty decent town (not too "hick") yet upscale enough for the caddy owners ;)

I also read that London has a super-collector of caddy's somewhere on the outskirts of the city. This guy has a big underground garage full of Cadillac classics!

11-16-08, 02:49 PM
so anything happening?