: Allantic Cadillac, LI, NY Dissapointed!

11-16-06, 06:29 PM
This was the was the worst buying expereance I ever had! The salesperson didn't have all of the paper work, and didn't know it untill we came to pick up the car ( FS-1 never got faxed from our ins. co.) Since it was after hours we had to call the perent co. to fax the document to us. And if that wasn't frustrating enough the whole prossess took us 2 1/2 hours!!!! The sales person said it was the dealerships policy to not start the pick up paper work untill the customer arrived!!!!!!

Rediculus!!, The paper work should have been sitting on the desk when we got there just needing to be signed!! We got to the dealer ( Atlantic Cadillac, LI, NY. ) at 5:30PM so we didn't eat yet, when we finally got out of there it was 8 PM!!

I would never recommend anyone buying a car there!!!