View Full Version : well, its that time again

11-16-06, 11:06 AM
yes the christmas season is upon us, the time for giving, the time for family,friends,food and fun.

i was gonna get my girlfriend some interior speakers for her car, but her dad beat me to it, he's rich (works for ibm or apple or somethin in NY) so she'll be gettin some nice speakers hehe. she said she told her mom she didnt want anything for christmas, nothin at all, but she said she also told her mom shed buy her a bunch of stuff anyways, so to make it easier on both of them, she said all she wants is a maaco paint job for her car. i think shes gettin it

the point of this post is, i now wanna contribute to upgrading her car as well, in the form of adding an aftermarket stereo, i had installed one before but took it back out after her dad bought her an ipod. the kenwood kdc 516-s doesnt have any line in or ipod ready capabilities, and it was a cd player. luckily i always keep the factory parts after an install so i just swapped her factory tape player back in and she uses a tape deck now to play her ipod, which holds most of her cd collection.

anyways, i need advice on a cd player, id like for it to at least have a line in (aux in?) connection so she can hook up her i-pod.

i dont know much about these new headunits that control the ipod but that would be great too, as long as it stays under 100 dollars

any input anyone?

11-18-06, 08:15 PM
Only thing I could say is try Crutchfield.com. That way you could at least get prices. Of not, go into the stores (Circuit City, Best Buy, etc...)

Side note: Its so effin hard to compete with a girl's parents! Good luck.