: Another Thumbs-Up to Cadillac Management

11-15-06, 09:29 AM
Watching Cadillac over the past several years has been like watching one of those feelgood movies on ABC. This is a thank you to all of you at Cadillac who've been working so hard over the past several years to make Cadillac a good name again. I'm proud of what you've done with the V family.

First generation V's have been great places to start, and we all expect even better things in the future. The CTS-V has rear-end problems and a cheap interior for the money, but it's one of the best vehicles out there for all-around fun! You've got a winner with the CTS-V, and we're all waiting so anxiously for the second generation to be a total M / AMG killer!

The STS-V is simply stunning. That supercharged Northstar is pure eye candy, and it's shown you've got the moxie to really stir things up. I never thought I would see a Caddy with 469 horsepower, but you've done it.

The XLR-V is another breathtaking vehicle. What a fine halo car! I was fortunate enough to actually see and touch one at the Car Craft Summer Nationals this year, and I haven't been this impressed with a GM product.....ever! Like the CTS-V, we're all waiting with our fingers crossed for the next generation of the STS-V and XLR-V. A V-12 Northstar maybe? I'd sure like to think it's a possibility.

The CTS is a great vehicle. The fact sales numbers are still climbing prove you've got the right formula with this car. Keep it up with the redesign! The DTS is liked by many and disliked by others, but that's OK, it's a solid car that sells well. Unfortunately it's front-wheel drive in an era of RWD luxury vehicles, but maybe that's why the walker-in-the-trunk crowd buys them. The SRX is a good crossover vehicle, another solid player in the family. The Escalade family as well, solid, especially with the 6.2 liter, and a very tasteful refresh. Anything that large that can get up from 0-60 in 6.5 seconds is alright in my book!

Having recently seen the interior of the new Chinese SLS, I firmly believe this is the most appealing interior I have ever seen in any vehicle. It's nothing short of a work of art. The quality and workmanship that you are now putting into your vehicles is very apparent, and I believe that over the next several years public perception will change and people will see Cadillac as equal to or better than MB or BMW. Lexus is doing amazing things, but the interior of the Chinese SLS (which we're all praying won't remain only Chinese) proves that you can compete with Lexus.

The hand-stiched leather and assembled interiors are what you've needed to be a true global player once again. The changes over the past several years have been amazing, so I want to thank you all for the great show. Things like the CTS-V rear-end need to be addressed, but we all know they will be in the next generation. The V-10 or V-12 Northstar has to be built. If BMW and MB are doing it, you have to do it better.

Lastly, the ULS (or whatever you're calling the project) is desparately needed and highly anticipated. Again, if MB and BMW are competing with the 760Li and the S600 respectively, then you've got to do it, but do it better. I think you can, and pray you will, and I'm certainly not alone when I say that.

You're doing so many things right, and I know the next few years will be even better and brighter. Next generations are coming, and so are high expectations. But if the CTS has proven anything, if you build it, they will come. If the interior of the Chinese SLS has proven anything, if you build it, they won't just come, they'll come in droves to get their hands on the Standard of The World!

Thank you Cadillac!

11-16-06, 08:23 AM
Wow that was a great post. Very well written and expressed.

11-16-06, 02:16 PM
Points for a well written post. You and I will always be able to banter about new style vs. old style, 'cause I just can't warm up to the new ones. :bigroll: After 1999, I'm done, I'll have to buy used ones forever...:crying:

JRau in central Iowa

06-16-07, 05:59 PM
Points for a well written post. You and I will always be able to banter about new style vs. old style, 'cause I just can't warm up to the new ones. :bigroll: After 1999, I'm done, I'll have to buy used ones forever...:crying:

JRau in central Iowa

My friends that drive Caddys and i completely agree-----the body style and interior shrinkage after the 1999 model year turns us all off.
My 1995 Sedan Deville still has the classic Cadillac look and roomy interior.Although even by 1995,GM was beginning to cheapen the big Caddys by removing the chrome bumpers in place of plastic bumpers.
If i ever buy another Caddy,IT WILL BE A 1999 OR EARLIER MODEL.
I saw a big 1993 FLEETWOOD for sale 2 blocks away from us today---HMMMMMMMM!