: A Few 99 Catera questions.

11-14-06, 06:16 PM
I just bought a 99 Catera and am having a few problems. The car did not come with an owners manual.

1. How do I get the rear view mirror to adjust up and down? It seems to only swivel to the left and right. I ended up jamming something into the base to keep it tilted down, but even ghetto-rigged up, it still isn't at the level that I need it to be.

2. What are the 3 buttons on the bottom of the rear view mirror for?

3. How do you put on cruise control? I used the "set" feature on the handle to the left of the steering wheel. I pushed in the button on the rocker, but it wouldn't come on. blown fuse? me just being an idiot? who knows.

4. What is the snow flake looking button next to the transmission shift?

5. There is a button on the transmission shift but it is all faded. What is it?

6. There is a red-ish rectangle button that you can push underneath the time display. When you press it, another set of options show up on the radio preset numbers. What is this red box thing?

7. Where you turn on the headlights, on the far left of the dash....there is an option that says "Twilight". What does this mean?

...Thanks for any help guys.

11-14-06, 06:49 PM
1. sounds like one of your motors on the mirror is broke.
2.these buttons can be programmed to open the garage door and any other remote system you want.
3. there are three buttons on that stick make sure you have the cruise turned on which is the bottom of the three has to be pushed in then try setting the cruise.
4.the snowflake button makes the car take off in third gear to prevent tire slippage on snow and ice if i remember this feature turns off when the car hits 35mph and you will have to hit the button again.
5. this button on top of the shifter is the sport mode button. changes the shift point on the car to a higher rpm range.
6. Not for sure here have not drove my catera for a fews weeks I will edit after i go take a look.
7. The twilight thing there is pretty much a timer for when you turn the car off how long the head lights will stay on all the way up and the headlights will stay on for awhile all the way down and it is a short time the headlights will be on.

11-15-06, 03:25 PM
#6 is the RDS system button for the radio. Pressing it then one of the pre-set buttons will trigger the various RDS functions like traffic and weather.

11-15-06, 05:47 PM
you can download your owners manual here
all of this info is in it.