: I need help...

11-13-06, 10:34 PM
I must be in need of some psychiatric help; I'm actually seriously considering buying a Lincoln.

It's not like I'd sell my Cadillac or anything. Far from it, Cadillac is and always will be what's in my heart.

The late 70's Continentals are just so cheap around where I live. For example theres a 67,000 mile 1978 Lincoln Continental around here for $900.00 CAD. I'm not saying I'm gonna buy it for sure, but it is mighty tempting.

11-13-06, 10:36 PM
i must be the only guy in the world that doesnt like those

11-13-06, 10:38 PM
i must be the only guy in the world that doesnt like those
Nope, neither do I . Lincolns never "did it" for me.

11-13-06, 10:50 PM
I say go for it! Nice ride plus she's a classic.

Lady Danielle
11-13-06, 10:50 PM
I would buy it to pimp my ride :)

11-13-06, 11:01 PM
If I were to buy a Linc, it would have to be a Mark III. Soooo lean, cut, and graceful. The Mark IV and V are OK, they look really impressive from 20 feet, but get inside and you soon find it's just a reskined Blunderbird. No where near the quality of the contemporary Eldo. I sooooooooooo want a 72 Eldo convertible!!!!! *sigh* Guess I'll wait for the three car garage.

11-13-06, 11:10 PM
Nice cars, but total boats in every sense of the word.

I drove one last summer, here's my review, complete with vid and pics!

11-14-06, 07:55 AM
Only one I would buy is a 64....black on black. Suicide doors do it for me..not sure why?

11-14-06, 09:01 AM
Think Lincoln - think Deathmobile from Animal House. It was a '64

It's twisted, but the "deathmobile" is a Continental similar to the "death car" in which JFK was assassinated. There are many anachronisms (http://www.answers.com/topic/national-lampoon-s-animal-house) in the movie.

Diecast model


11-14-06, 09:54 AM
Hey a nice car is a nice car. Give me a Hyundai that looks nice, drives well, and is cheap and I will push it hard too.

If its a good deal, buy it.

11-14-06, 10:03 AM
If its a good deal, buy it.

Sure why not. If you decide you don't like it then sell it and get rid of it or take it out in the Booonies somewhere and Rolex and I will blast it into oblivion :gun2:

11-14-06, 02:10 PM
There are many on this board who appreciate pure unadulterated SHAMELESS luxury, no matter what brand it is.

That's a special car. I'd buy it.

11-14-06, 08:29 PM
I still like the looks of the Mark III and IV. I'm sure the IV drives like the '77 I drove, that's a turn off for me. Maybe the III (or V) has a tighter feeling?

11-14-06, 08:49 PM
It seems like a very good deal....

11-14-06, 09:11 PM
Heck yeah it does! If nothing else, you could turn around and sell it for profit!

11-14-06, 09:50 PM
Well I'm playing email tag with him right now, trying to get some more pictures. It's hard to find motivated sellers when you look at cars around this price.

11-14-06, 11:54 PM
Only one I would buy is a 64....black on black. Suicide doors do it for me..not sure why?Hah! My Grandparents had one of those, bought it a year or two used. Grandpa was too cheap to buy new. My brother and I used to fight over who would get to sit on the special little seat in the middle! It was cool on there because we were high enough to see out the window on it.

Ah, fond childhood memories.

11-15-06, 01:27 AM
Continental Town Coupe > Mark IV > Mark V.

11-15-06, 01:31 AM

11-15-06, 09:19 AM
^^ Where are the pics?

11-15-06, 11:01 AM
crap, the link is broken, ill get it again later

or you can go to lawitlow.com, then go to rides, and find one that says lincoln town coupe