: Step one of a head swap on a SBC. Don't be a retard! :)

11-13-06, 03:58 PM
I lost one of my head bolts down my exhaust while pulling the heads. I got a spare from the machine shop, used, but so what, its an 84 Chevy. Because I had to wait for the heads to be resurfaced and the new (used) valves to be put in, I decided I'd go ahead and do as much of the work as I could...cool, ahead of the game. Then, I needed a pushrod and it'd be overnight delivery, so I figured I'd get the heads on, head bolts finger tight and I'd dig up my torque wrench overnight. Come today, after hauling a couple of truckloads of junk away since I'm moving, making a dump run and rearranging a shop at a friend of mines house to store my Challenger, I go back to work on the truck.

Well, my great idea of getting ahead of the game backfired, big time. My dumb ass installed the exhaust manifolds and a few of the accessories before tigthening down the heads. Now I've got to rip them back off so that I can reach the bottom row of head bolts. Hmph. That's what I get for trying to be smart, eh. Stupid mistake...whatever...Bitter at myself, but at least its not costing me any money. Good excuse for a beer brake.

11-13-06, 03:59 PM
i thought you just had a manifold issue , had to tear the heads off int he end eh ?

11-13-06, 06:02 PM
Nah, the manifold issue was that I couldn't get the mofo'ing bolts out because I couldn't find my swivel head socket. I had two bent valves, one burnt valve and two blown head gaskets. Been taking my time on it cause I've been working way too much at my real, paying, job. Almost done now though. :) Heads are on, half the exhaust is on, just need to bolt up the other exhaust, throw the intake on and redo the belts and wiring.

Only like an hours worth of work, but it'll probably take me two or three days 'cause I keep finding reasons not to work on it. :)

11-14-06, 09:16 AM
Stay focused. In 2-3 days you could be done! :D

Nah seriously, good luck finishing. Hopefully you will have enjoyed it! :)