: Oil Leaks

01-13-03, 09:14 PM
My 1994 Eldorado...86,000 miles leaks.
I do notice a puddle on the ground but it takes weeks to be noticable.
I am putting in a quart about every 500 miles lately.
I don't know where it is leaking from but it seems to be in the front middle of the car.


01-13-03, 10:35 PM
Check out "The Northstar Oil Issue" thread in this area.. Your leak sounds about normal. There's a good explanation of this leak in that thread..

01-14-03, 10:36 PM
i use up more than 2~3 quarts every 800mi.
I think my issue is with my dealer. They had a lot of trouble figuring out why my car was overheating periodically. They didn't have any answers. All they told me to do was to bring it back while it's overheating!!! anyways i'm guessing that overheat has damaged my ALUMINUM engine someway that it's drinking oil more than burning gas
Dealer is located 15~20mi down south from my house and i go to work 50mi north from my house.

01-15-03, 12:15 AM
2-3 quarts?:shocked2: Something ain't right!!!!Take the car to another dealership to check it out. Take what they find back to your dealership and threathen to call your Demon Spawn (Lawyer):devil:

01-15-03, 05:07 AM
I posted this in the Northstar Oil Issue thread as well:

Can you replicate the over-heating problem when you're at the dealer?

3 quarts of oil in 800 miles is a lot.. So is a quart every 500 miles. Is your car under warranty? This was a $3000.00 job when it happened to me - the car was under warranty so I only paid a small deductable...

02-04-03, 06:35 PM
As long as the level is above ADD, then your good. Dont worry about it being at the top. Make sure you look in the owners manual about the proper procudures on how to check the oil, some require that the engine be running, im not sure on the northstar though.

02-04-03, 07:31 PM
The best way to check the oil level on your Northstar is this:

1) Change the oil. Put on a new filter and fill it with exactly 7-1/2 (7.5) quarts. Put in that exact amount.

2) Now, go drive the car and get it FULLY warmed up. Take it up and down the highway. The oil needs RPM to get hot and expand.

3) When you get home (or go to a gas station), shut it off and wait just 2-3 minutes. The oil drains back to the pan very quickly. The reason behind checking the oil as quick as you can is to check it at full operating temperature. Oil expands as it gets hot.

4) With a KNOWN 7-1/2 quarts in the sump, scribe on the stick what your oil level is. Theoretically, it SHOULD be near the FULL mark. Sometimes, the sticks aren't quite accurate. If you scribe it with a knife or other sharp object, you'll mark YOUR dipstick so you know next time.

This is your new FULL HOT mark. If you wish, you can wait overnight and make a FULL COLD mark. They will be different. Don't fill the engine to your FULL HOT when the oil is cold because you're really overfilling it this way. If you overfill it by a quart, that quart of oil will burn off very quickly and you'll think you're using oil big-time.

02-04-03, 08:56 PM
Great information, jason.