View Full Version : This is rather odd, girls get in fight at high school I went to, and video is online!

11-12-06, 11:12 PM
I saw this on the news tonight. A couple of girls got in a fight during their 5th hour class which is not out of the normal, especially at my high school, but the wierd thing is, a third party taped this on their camera phone and posted it on the internet!

Another odd thing is the girl that got attacked got suspended for a day. Whatever happened to standing up for yourselves? Can't we do that anymore?

When I got in a "fight" back in the 11th grade, a teacher saw it and said something like "oh cool your jets, it's Friday, when Monday comes around, you won't even remember this", not even raising an eyebrow. Now, three years later, I would have been suspended. Wierd.


11-12-06, 11:17 PM
My school gives out suspensions like crazy. The usual is 3 days for fighting, which I think is stupid. One of my friends who used to go to a different school said thier policy was "Fights only get broken up when there's blood". Last year there was a huge food fight, and about 8 people got 10 day suspensions for that. Its crazy I tell 'ya.

11-12-06, 11:18 PM
Odd. The chick recording had to be the attackers friend or at least had advanced notice of the beat down.

11-13-06, 12:06 AM
Yeah that's f-ed up. My old high school, you get into a fight you get a detention and have to go to the dean's board of discipline for counseling and blah blah blah

11-13-06, 12:37 AM
Man the video won't play!

11-13-06, 12:55 AM
I know, and it's killing me because I think I might know one of the girls in the fight! (the instigator of course :bigroll: )

11-13-06, 02:09 AM
The highschool I graduated from had the highest violence rates in the state of Hawaii. They enacted a policy where any violence at all is dealt with by the police, and you are suspended for about a week.

on a side note, the video isn't that great.. You can't really see ther faces...

11-13-06, 03:17 AM
Its usually the freshman and the sophomore that get into fights. juniors and the seniors start to act like a little mature. I am glad I am done with HS, now next year I will be a sophomore in college.

11-13-06, 07:21 AM
I remember once, being in the cafeteria. A russian girl was standing in line, and some crazy chick ran up and threw a cup of ketchup on her head, then smugly walked off. Russian girl ran after her, leaped on her back, and started pounding on her head.

Naturally, my friends and I sat there and laughed as the violence took place.

Another time, someone set a barbie doll on fire and shoved it underneath a wooden door. A crowd formed. Naturally, I stood there and laughed as the door caught fire.

Ahh, high school!

11-13-06, 09:12 AM
We didn't have too many fights, but I remember a violent one. Guy #1 was at a drinking fountain. Guy #2 came up behind him, reached around, and ripped the piercing out of Guy #1's eyebrow. Both guys were in pretty bad shape after the fight was over.

11-13-06, 09:17 AM
After all those Columbines most school enacted a "no-violence" policy.

So now instead of being taught like most of us were, defend yourself, if you swing you are just as guilty.

My cousin was telling me how even shoving someone off you can be reprimanded with suspsension.

So basically inorder to stay in the right you have to take the beating? Hell now, I'd swing back and just deal with the consequences.

I think parents are getting to anal about everything.

Reminds me of a guy I heard on the radio on Friday:
"Our parents are tougher then us, our parent's parents where tougher then them, and so on."

11-13-06, 09:19 AM
Schools today are all fecked up. My son got cauget with footbal gambling tickets and got a 10 day suspension, the same penalty for punching a teacher. I told my kid, in fornt of the principal, next time you think you might get caught doing something, just knock out the teacher, maybe you'll get away and if not the penalty is the same so take a shot. The princiapl's jaw just hung open. I love the feck with them.

11-13-06, 09:24 AM
I understand the humor in that but I started to think about the legal consequences.

Either way I agree with you, schools are getting way too anal.

A few months ago I remember reading how they wanted to eliminate a few "contact" recess games and you know which one on the list caught my eye and just made me pray for the future of my children?


WTF? Tag?

Damn, seriously they need to stop.

11-13-06, 09:54 AM
I always defended myself. Never got suspended because I was always right. I didn't go looking for a fight, only ended them when I was involved.

The new rules are stupid. If someone is attacking you, you cannot retreat. Its not a matter of pride, but if you turn your back to run, the attacker will just bash your head in. F**k pride, I would retreat if I could. But would you trust someone trying to kick your ass to not hit you if you are trying to get away. Not me.

High school was a riot. One of the worst things I did was fight a guy in the stairwell. He caught me in the temple, but I broke his nose. Then I hit him in his jaw and he fell down the stairs, only one floor's worth though. After I stopped laughing, I got my out out of school for that day.

11-13-06, 10:32 AM
Well, I was only involved in one "fight" in high school and I'll inform you now.

This all took place in 11th grade. I was sitting in the lunchroom, just enjoying lunch, minding my own business, I had a Cleveland Indians hat on, and I was wearing it backwards. This kid (Jon) that always kinda teased me and made fun of me ran up and grabbed it, I got up, chased him down and pushed him down in the middle of the lunchroom, picked my hat back up, walked over to my table and sat back down.

A couple of days later, him and his friend "Radcliffe" (stuck up english kid that nobody really liked) found me in a hallway after lunch and decided to push me down to be "the bigger man". But that's how stuff like that happens in high school. Either way, time passed and Jon and I got along alright, and Radcliffe went back to England, and that's all that ever became of that.

11-13-06, 10:43 AM
The video plays (Little B) if you go up top & click onto the word VIDEO. It does take about 60 seconds to load, but it will play

IF Mom wants daughter's suspension erased from her record, it will cost $150.00 Go to an attorney & for $150.00 he'll write a letter in which he'll mention a LAWSUIT, and much news coverage, and the record of the suspension will magically disappear !!

11-13-06, 10:47 AM
I disagree with that so much Sandy.

It seems today lawsuits are the solution for everything.

The tag incidident. A kid fell while playing tag and broke his foot. Hey it happens as kids we rough house and what not. The mother got angry, filed a law suit, and to prevent such incidents this school decided to want to ban tag and the thing that blows my mind is it flew. Tag and other "contact" games were banned.

That isn't how it should work. Its just going to teach our kids "don't defend yourself if a bully picks you, just wait till you get home, call our family lawyer and sue him for everything he's worth."

[I know I'm being a bit extreme.]

11-13-06, 10:49 AM
Yeah, or just beat the living crap out of the bully at another location. lol!

11-13-06, 10:58 AM
I'm up for defending oneself, but finding him and unleashing wrath upon them at a different time and location isn't defending oneself thats being the bully.

11-13-06, 11:02 AM
Good point. I hadn't thought of that myself.

Anyways, I'll never go around starting a fight. That's the way my father taught me and it's stuck thru all these years. But I will end a fight if it's brought upon me. But I've been lucky with this though, I'm really easy to get along with and I've only been in one fight in my life.

11-13-06, 11:20 AM
My dad told me your last resort was always to fight. Use words first don't let your hands get the best of you. If it did resort down to fighting, my dad taught me how to fight. He was a boxer and a wrestler in high school, well he played every sport his school offered until he blew out his knee and had to get a bunch of surgeries for it.

11-13-06, 11:26 AM
The video plays (Little B) if you go up top & click onto the word VIDEO. It does take about 60 seconds to load, but it will play

I know I did that...it just still didn't play, at least at that time. I'll check it out again in a min and see if it plays.

My HS had lots of fights....it was really sad, although I can't lie, it was entertaining. They had that same policy at my school, where all violence was handled by tthe police and most of the time both parties were taken to Juvi or whatever. We had security like a lot of schools do but we even had our own on campus POLICE OFFICER lol. :nono: My school was baaaad. Lots of gang violence.

11-13-06, 11:55 AM
The officer who got my school beat usually didn't do much to break up a fight. Our in-school security did more of the muscle work. I swear those guys where all steroid feins. Why would any high school need muscled up security guards?

Oh yeah, it was Chelsea...haha.

I was to scared to get into a fight fearing the security guard would kick both mine and my assailant's asses.

11-13-06, 12:05 PM
My school learned it's lesson. We had two HOTT beefed up security guards. They were young and buff and so sexy...plus they were in an authority position. I don't know who hired them but you would think someone might've thought that was a bad idea seeing as EVERY girl ended up having crushes on these guys and of course these guys knew what they were doing. Finally one day they both got caught having sex with underage girls. Then after they were fired, they only hired the most unsexy people on earth lol.

11-13-06, 12:07 PM
Haha. Maybe it is where I grew up in but looks had nothing to do with sex-appeal.

These guys weren't lookers, not that I swing that way but I am confident enough to rate a man's apperance, but they had all the girls. Maybe its the authoritive part or that they where like ten years older and drove their own cars.

11-13-06, 12:21 PM
Oh yes...a man in a powerful position (well it seemed powerful in HS lol) is so sexy. I agree that they don't even have to be that good looking-these guys were though. Still to this day, I am totally turned on by a man with power....I think the reason some women are like that, is because it's a boost of self confidence knowing you can "get" a man who has a lot of options or power. If he is in to you, out of all of the women that want him, then it's like HA! Yes! LOL...OK I am done now.

11-13-06, 12:50 PM
Going by this:

.I think the reason some women are like that, is because it's a boost of self confidence knowing you can "get" a man who has a lot of options or power.

Optimus Prime must be a PIMP

11-13-06, 01:03 PM
Optimus Prime?

11-13-06, 01:04 PM
Haha I think the boys might get it a bit better.

This should help:


11-13-06, 01:08 PM
MMmmkkkkay so I guess I need to clarify. I meant Male humans.

11-13-06, 01:13 PM
Haha I know, I was just using a play of words as most of look in our cars: more options, more power.

I thought would tie in nicely.

11-13-06, 01:14 PM
Whatever happened to kids being scared of their teachers? Whatever happened to kids being afraid to try crap like that INSIDE the school?

Whatever happened to kids being AFRAID, period? They all seem to think they're the center of the universe these days.

Maybe it's because their parents have convinced them that they are.

11-13-06, 01:19 PM
Whatever happened to kids being scared of their teachers? Whatever happened to kids being afraid to try crap like that INSIDE the school?

Yeah it's not the same anymore. I always had repect for my teachers but you should see how they get treated now! It's horrible. I've witnessed assaults on teachers right in the classroom. I was always afraid of getting in trouble at school, but a lot of the kids weren't.

11-13-06, 01:36 PM
I blame part of it on the courts.

I was raied with corporal punishment. You did wrong, a parent would give you a spanking.

Nowadays if a parent raises a hand and the public gets whim you will get DSS on you so fast. Kids now feel invicisible. WIth all this legal bull going around no one can just "defend" themselves without knowing the law.

Here is one to think about:
Man breaks into a house with the intent of stealing, man slips on toys left out by kids and falls down a flight of stairs breaking his leg. Man sues family and man wins.


Something is wrong with that.

11-13-06, 07:10 PM
One factor is that there are so many dual-income households, the parents feel guilty for having to put the kids in daycare. So they try to make up for it.

11-13-06, 07:50 PM
Well, this story is gonna date me...Back in 1978, I was a junior in high school. I was pretty low key--kept to myself, didn't like crowds, etc. Anyway, a kid had been teasing me and bothering me for a couple weeks on a daily basis in English class. As I remember, he was teasing me about my braces. One day, I knew I had to do something to make a statement to him and to the class so that I wouldn't be picked on for the rest of the school year. I didn't want to fight, but I had to do something. After he shot a rubber band at me for the 5th or 6th time, I calmly got out of my chair, walked around the room to his seat. He had gotten up, anticipating something by that point. I grabbed the front of his shirt, right at the top button by his neck. With all the adrenaline runnin' by this time, I lifted him up by the shirt collar and slammed him into the wall behind him. I calmly told him that he had never tease me or shoot another rubber band at me again. He was freakin' out--I NEVER fought ever in my life and he knew it. I put him down, let go of his shirt, and walked calmly back to my chair. The classroom erupted with clapping. The teacher took both of us to the principal's office. I got nothing more than a "stern talkin' to," and I don't remember what the other guy got. He, nor anyone else in that class, ever bothered me again.

Kinda funny to think about it now. Wonder what would have happened to me in today's world? I'm thinking I'd be gunned down, knifed, or something pretty horrible.... I don't envy you young adults in high school these days.

Oh well......

JRau in central Iowa

11-13-06, 09:19 PM
I've been involved in a handful of high school fights, both here and in Japan. Generally, I was the recipient, but I have started a few. (Maturity, or some form of it, is one of my most prized accomplishments as Ive grown.)
Anyhow, most fights were over something stupid, we all know how it goes. The only high school I was kicked out of, I punched a teacher twice. It was one of those moments you wish you could take back. Funny thing is, I actually instructed him later in self defense, and I successfully used him as a reference as well.

My favorite fight story from high school, tho, had to be when a buddy of mine was jumped on the way to his car after school. At first, it was just one guy. But he had 4 friends with him. Well, the 1on1 fight soon turned to 2on1 when they fell to the ground and one of them jumped in. So I jumped in, and wrestled the 2nd guy off, only to have his other friends jump on me. They started beating on me, kicks to the stomachs, stomps on the chest, the usual high school beating stuff. But I was defending myself soemwhat, a good parry can minimze alot of the damage from amateur kicks and punches After 20,25 seconds or so, they slowed, relented a little. Which gave me my oppurtunity. So I kinda squirmed/rolled out from underneath, grabbed one guys head as he was still low, kneed him in the jaw, shoved him into bushes right next to us, then jumped one of the others and knocked him out cold with a kick to the stomach and a straight to the chin. At that point, the 2 remaining dudes kinda moved towards me and I kicked off my shoes and threw off my shirt and started yelling at them to fight me. Well, apparently that was enough to make them think twice, because they then ignored me and went to help their buddies. The first fight broke up very soon after, and then the usual school/police stuff happened. Everyone involved was suspended. The really funny thing is, my friend who wasn't trained in the least besides the occassional sparring in my garage, broke the other guys jaw, and dislocated his shoulder. The fact my friend about 2300 lbs and landed on the ground with the other guy underneath him probably had something to do with that :)

Im not sure what the story has to do with anything...but I do agree that kids today get away with alot more then I would have.

11-13-06, 10:22 PM
2300 lbs?!?!?!?!

that n*gga's a sumo or a car or something

11-13-06, 10:33 PM
Whatever happened to kids being scared of their teachers? Whatever happened to kids being afraid to try crap like that INSIDE the school?

Whatever happened to kids being AFRAID, period? They all seem to think they're the center of the universe these days.

Maybe it's because their parents have convinced them that they are.

It's politically incorrect to whip unruly children now, so of course they think they're the shit :p (Needless to say, if I didn't fight back, my mother would make me go out and fight back, or else!)

Megan, I'm a very powerful guy :D

11-13-06, 10:39 PM
2300 lbs?!?!?!?!

that n*gga's a sumo or a car or somethinglol, typo, subtract a 0 :)

11-14-06, 07:21 AM
I disagree with that so much Sandy.

It seems today lawsuits are the solution for everything.

As a blanket statement this is basically true. There are certain professions in which being sued is a statistical certainty (ahem....I work in one). And that's complete BS. But IMO based on the video the girl didn't deserve to get suspended for defending herself. If it was my kid I'd have someones balls on a platter for suspending her, even if it meant retaining a lawyer to straighten it out. In this particular case a lawsuit would be righteous. YMMV

Odd. The chick recording had to be the attackers friend or at least had advanced notice of the beat down.

I agree with your line of thinking. Nobody would be randomly recording during a math class just for kicks. This thing was clearly planned.

ETA: I would rather see kids throwing hands than shooting at each other anyday.

11-14-06, 09:43 AM
I didn't know so many of us were violent! :lildevil: