: Doral

03-02-04, 01:18 AM
Anybody ever heard of a ETC Doral edition? Found a 95 LD :confused: with this on the doors, what's the story?

03-02-04, 03:51 AM
I don't know if these are the facts, but Cadillac use to sponsor a golfing event at Doral (Blue Monster?).

Doral Edition sounds like a dealer package.

There also use to be a custom in the 70s called the El Doral.

03-03-04, 12:27 AM
I've chased this around a little and what your saying verifies my info. Both doors have a raised badge that reads "by Doral" Strange? I figured it must be a coachwork special but can find nothing on Doral. Then again it was 9 years ago, thanks