: Kerr Cadillac

11-12-06, 04:44 PM
I know I probably should have posted this in Dealer Reviews, but not sure how many actually even look in there.

Also know that they are a paid advertiser to this site so hope its not a problem.
But it really shouldnt be. Would think they would want feed back from customers. Or potential customers that they're sales people chase away LOL

I finally clicked on there link and was agast at what there prices were. Mind you I should have known seein as I was there a year and a few weeks back.
That was when I ended up walking out in total disgust and bought my 01 somewhere else that same day.

They were having a Grand Re-Opening sale.
Seein as my Father in-law had purchased his Lac there many years ago, as well as my Mother in-law purchasing here Grand Prix there in 00 or 01 she was on file.
She recieved a special invitation that they asked for an RSVP. Seriously reduced and special deals on there large inventory it said.

I was inline for a new Caddy so thought we would check it out.
Only used they had were 2 STS'. Think they were both bout a year old.
When I asked the price she basicly gave me the "If you have to ask you cant afford" crap. And when she did tell me the price I almost puked.
Would have been better off buying new for a few grand more.
Other than those 2 they had pickups and Pontiacs. Mostly Sunfires and other compacts.

And those were also way over priced.

Can gaurantee that if someone else came in she would have left us in a heart beat. Could tell that she was only talkin to us cause she had nothing better to do. She in no way was hiding the fact she felt we were wasting her time.

Kerr Cadillac is situated in Oakville. At one time it was listed as one of the richest city in Canada. Believe its still up there now. Real estate wise anyways. Has preety well become the area for the older and richer.

But just because I came in driving only a 93 and wasnt decked out in a suit.
Long hair, unshavin, wearing ripped jeans doesnt mean Im worthless. :worship:
Sign Sign Every Where A sign etc etc....You know the song.
I actually dress that way cause I feel comfortable. Im not out to try to impress everyone.
If I need to dress then I will dress to the nines. But dont feel that car shopping warants putting on an Armani.

But the real clincher was when my mother in-law was lookin at the XLR in the showroom.
Now I have to say that she definetally isnt worth pittance either. She could have bought that car cash if she wanted to.

When she started askin about it....and no word of a lie.....the damned bitch had the nerve to say....and I quote... "you couldnt afford it anyways" :eek:

She had already takin my name and number. Just following protocal I guess. And said, in a very un-reasuring way, that if anything came up in "my price range :yawn: " she would call.

But when she said that to my mother in-law I was agast. :jawdrop:
But loved her style.
Without so much as a blink she turned around and walked out the door. That women has class. :bouncy:

We then went to Wallace Pontiac in Milton Where the salesman "Anthony" treated us like gold.
They were also having a sale.
And surprise they actually had Cadillacs on the lot. And lots of them. And Cadillac isnt even in there name. Its Pontiac.
And priced like you wouldnt believe.

Shouldnt forget to mention.
Its been just over a year now and I havent recieved a call yet.
Am quite surprised that she still hasent been able to find a Cadillac for me in "My Price Range" !!

She would probably be better suited selling Beemers or Lexus' JulieBoombotz

Guess that seein as they had just totally revamped, they wanted to get Joe Public to foot the bill.
Seriously reduced my ass.
Seriously reduce my bank balance maybe.
As well as an attempt at reducing my feeling of self worth and self asteem.

Grrrrrrrr To Kerrrrrrrrr