: headers for my 1990 brougham 5.7

11-11-06, 08:50 AM
is there any headers made for broughams or is there some made for a truck that would fit. also would installing roller rockers free up any hp or be a waste of time. I have to change the valve seals any way so it wouldn't be any more work than I have to do to start with. but would it be worth a try.

11-11-06, 10:50 AM
Yup, changing the rockers will help a little, because the 350 desparately wants more cam than the stocker. I would guess 10-15 ponies. 'Course the best thing to do would be a cam swap. Without changing the heads, a cam swap on a 350 TBI can get you easily 60 ft. lbs.

Regarding headers, I think any Impala SS headers will work. Fullsize GM 74-9x headers should work as well. Clear Automotive Image sells some Tri-Y headers for non-LT1 350's.

11-11-06, 03:25 PM
would I have to pull the motor to change the cam. and how much more gas would it use with a mild cam swap.oh! my cad has over 300,000 miles so I don't want to put more strain on the motor. but it is still strong and smooth running. the owners before me must have taken good care of it.


11-11-06, 06:02 PM
Well, with 300,000 miles, the engine could use a few new parts. How is your compression? If the compression is good, then it would be worth it. Adding a cam would mean a new timing chain and gears, never a bad idea, especially if the stockers have 300,000 miles on them. Depending on what cam you chose, mileage will vary. Of course, with more power comes the desire to mash the fun pedal more too, so gas mileage will drop.

11-11-06, 06:43 PM
3rd gen Camaro headers will fit the Fleetwood. Thing is, once you start with headers and cam then exhaust....................you will want to "floor it" more and will blow your motor. I suggest a 383 stroker crate motor with a carb personally. Priced right around $3k or so complete (less accessories) it would be the best bang for the buck. I'm too lazy to post the link but some guy sells 425hp Vortec stoker 383's on ebay and has good feedback for right around $3k. You will need to do a performance build on the tranny to handle it unless you take it easy off the line.

11-11-06, 07:21 PM
Are they shorties or long-tubes?

11-12-06, 08:23 AM
Are they shorties or long-tubes?shorties

11-12-06, 12:34 PM
I'd be averse to going with the shorties, because of the stock torquer cam. If the goal was high-end horsepower, I'd be all over the shorties.

04-11-07, 04:17 PM
is there any testing on the shorties for performance gains? I would check the data sheets before changing over.