: Help! Front light replacement.

11-11-06, 07:05 AM
Could anyone assist me in how to remove the front bumper skin to replace the front headlights/foglights. I want to install silverstars. I have hid low beams and think the silverstar would look a bit better than the oem bulbs for high beams and fogs. I tried and got as far as getting the head lamp unit loose and the upper part of the grill/bumper loose. I could not figure-out how to loosen the center part of the skin. I can't believe they would design a vehicle that you have to pull the bumper off to change bulbs. On my yukon you, pull one pin out and your done.

c5 rv
11-11-06, 08:13 AM
If you haven't already, do a search in both the SRX and CTS forums. I believe someone in the CTS forum has it down to a science and may have published the exact steps.