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11-09-06, 05:46 PM
Does anybody have or can anyone find me a write up on how to change the 5.25 speakers in the front doors? Ive searched a bit, and have come across nothing.

Anybody give me a hand (we all know who Im looking at).

11-09-06, 05:52 PM
ive covered how to do this on a 96 deville and am really to tired right now to retype a whole page

11-09-06, 06:08 PM
Well, can you give me a link to the thread? Im sure its buried in some mis-titled thread that will take me days to find. I did already search here and nothing relevant came up.

11-09-06, 06:17 PM
idk the name off hand....
gimme 5 mins and i will search...

11-09-06, 06:23 PM
heres a thread that explains how to do EVERYTHING

heres an quote from another thread where i go into more specifics on how to remove the whole panel
"The door pull on the panel at the ends of it should be two plastic end pieces one on each side. Remove those and behind them is a screw. Remove the screw then the side control fascia for the inner door handel should come out. Twist the facsica gently and a platic little square should pop off and that will allow the platic peice to clear the inner door handel. Then pull UP and OUT on the panel it its held on by hooks. Then unplug all the plugs and there you have it. Also on a side note there are also a place in the rear doors for 5 1/4 speaks there too!"

11-09-06, 07:45 PM
You the man...REPS!

11-09-06, 07:47 PM
no prob man
if you need more help
or want me to do the install for free
bring her and any parts you want in and i will do the install free of charge as long as you assume liability
believe me though unlike the clowns at cc or bb i know what im doing

11-10-06, 01:11 PM
I would never take it to CC or BB. Me and my buddy mostly know what we are doing, and if we ever have a problem, I know an audio shop that is reputable.

11-10-06, 01:51 PM
good luck
post a thread or pm me if you need more help

11-10-06, 08:12 PM
Hey one more thing....You say you can put speakers in the back doors too, so there must be slots there already. Is the wiring already there or would you have to run wire? And how would it sound if I added two more speakers? Would it **** up the ohm load or the imaging? I doubt im going to add an amp to the door or deck speakers, so would adding those two extra hurt the factory amp?

Just need some questions answered before I decide to add more speakers to the car.

11-10-06, 08:18 PM
it all depends on the ohms of the speaks and how you wire them
yes there are holes aleady there
no there is no wireing for them already
if you were to use them id reccomend getting a 6 channel amp