: Hello from Florida

11-09-06, 05:34 PM
Just got digital pix of my '91 Fleetwood Coupe to share with everyone. This is my 3rd Caddy and probably my last. She's only got 41K miles on the clock and the only the anti-lock brake system isn't working. Glad to come on board with such an esteemed group....

11-09-06, 05:37 PM
howdy :)
another Floridian eh

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11-09-06, 05:48 PM
Whereabouts in Florida?. I'm in the Tampabay area. Caddy looks clean!. :thumbsup:

11-09-06, 07:21 PM
WElcome and from those of us up north in the snow and sleet....Screw you FLoridians!!! Just kidding.....theres a plethera of info here Hope you enjoy and chime in when a thought creeps up into the old skull.
Nice looking caddy by the way.

11-09-06, 07:38 PM
Welcome! I'm out here in Saint Augustine where it dipped down to 85 today.
That's a clean Caddy you got...

11-09-06, 07:50 PM
Very sharp coupe you have there! Welcome.

11-09-06, 08:01 PM
shes beautiful

11-09-06, 08:10 PM
Wow, that thing is mint!

Lord Cadillac
11-09-06, 08:26 PM
Welcome aboard! Thank you for signing up! :)

11-09-06, 08:39 PM
Welcome fellow Floridian.
From the pics it looks like you live in Pinellas county or western Pasco county.

Lady Danielle
11-09-06, 09:02 PM
welcome fellow Floridian

11-09-06, 09:28 PM
Dear christ! A 4.9L Fleetwood Coupe! Those are so rare! Sweeeeeeeeeeet! :)

11-09-06, 11:12 PM
Welcome to the Forum!!

11-10-06, 06:15 AM
Dear christ! A 4.9L Fleetwood Coupe! Those are so rare! Sweeeeeeeeeeet! :)

i wondered about that
didnt even know they existed! :p

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11-12-06, 10:11 AM
My god that car is nice. Coupe and super long. I envy you.

I think my Eldo found a new friend!

11-13-06, 04:33 PM
yep...another one of us. When can we expect you?

11-13-06, 04:43 PM
We are in Largo and yes, she is clean. One day a new paint job, but otherwise she's good to go. Thanks for the post...

11-13-06, 04:50 PM
:welcome: to the forums! :wave:

And Aloha from Hawaii. :)

11-13-06, 04:53 PM
Thanks for the post. Was born in the "land of snow and sleet", and I know what you have to go through. Get down here one day if you can...its not perfect, but it is 75 and sunny today. The perfect place to keep the old
Caddy in top shape. If I ever have anything important come into my brain, I'll post it here. Regards...

11-13-06, 04:56 PM
Leave most of your important words to the model specific forums. This is the lounge, anything goes. :thumbsup:

11-13-06, 04:59 PM
Mmmm...St. Augustine. Wife and I are planning to drive over one of these days. Makes for a perfect weekend getaway from the west coastPinellas County). Must be warmer there than it is here...just 75 today. We sure have it rough, but the Caddy likes it. Thanks for the kind words.

11-13-06, 05:04 PM
My coupe appreciates nice the compliment...thanks

11-13-06, 05:09 PM
Very nice of you to post the compliment.

11-13-06, 05:17 PM
Your comment is very much appreciated. She looks "mint" in the photo, but could use a quality paint job one day. Even the tires are original equipment, I was very fortunate to come across this "diamond".

11-13-06, 05:53 PM
Very perceptive...Pinellas county. Largo to be exact. Are you nearby?

11-13-06, 05:55 PM
Glad to be onboard...signed up as well to keep things moving.

11-13-06, 06:09 PM
Only 12,000 or so built in '91, which include DeVilles, and with the leather and carraige roof options, only 41K on the clock and it's lifetime in Florida, there sure can't be many like it. Thanks for noticing...

11-13-06, 06:46 PM
Welcome, beautiful Fleetwood!

11-13-06, 06:48 PM
Thanks for the welcome...glad to be onboard.

11-13-06, 06:53 PM
Yep...your Eldo has found a new friend.

11-13-06, 06:56 PM
and Aloha to you.

11-13-06, 07:02 PM
Well if you keep on posting at this rate, you'll catch up to me in no time! :eek: LOL

11-13-06, 07:24 PM
Welcome aboard the forums. Wow, great pictures. Nice car. You may want to look in the FWD Fleetwoods forum. There's a thread there that talks about the rarer 4.9 Caddies like your 2 door. Is it a DeVille or the Sixty Special? I'm guessin' a Sixty Special due to the rear wheel skirts.

Gorgeous color scheme. One of my favs...:welcome:

JRau in central Iowa

11-16-06, 06:56 PM
Thanks for the lead to the forum. I checked several threads and there was some interesting info there. As for the DeVille or Sixty Special question, it is definately not a Deville and the Fleetwood designation is pretty specific, so where does the Sixty Special come into play? Appreciate your post...