View Full Version : finally got my neo changer but small problem

11-09-06, 05:57 AM
I have a 99 deville and I just installed my neo changer. It works pretty well so far. It has a little bit of trouble reading mp3 cds so far but Im guessing its just a matter of finding the right media. Anyone know of a good brand of cdr to use that the neochanger likes?

Also for some reason I can only get it to read up track number 60 when playing mp3 cds. The track listing on the head unit reads just like a clock. So if the hour number is one its just like cd number one in the changer then it goes up in the minutes for each track. So if it says 1:31 then your listening to cd number one and track number 31. So if you have over 60 songs on the cd then i guess you cant access them? Or at least I havent found a way to. Any help would be awesome. thanks in advance!