: Chrysler has over 50,000 2006 model units in storage lots

11-08-06, 08:07 PM

11-08-06, 10:22 PM
Are they back to doing that order bank crap? Or do the demons at the UAW have them forcing to make X number of cars?

11-08-06, 10:55 PM
I strongly suspect the latter.


11-09-06, 01:03 AM
Wonder if it would be a good time to buy a new SRT8. Maybe I'll head over to the Chrysler/Dodge dealerships to check out the situation and make a lowball offer. Of course if the interior is as cheap as it looks in pictures I'll probably wait and get a second hand M5 orE55 Benz.

11-09-06, 01:40 AM
Unfortunately, its none of the cool LX cars that are sitting on lots. Its the unwanted Dakotas and Sebrings and Stratuses that will probably be sold to rental fleets at the end of the year for half off.

So, if anyone wants a Stratus for some bizarre reason, here's your chance. :)

11-09-06, 09:19 AM
I wonder if they need to unload a Viper?

11-09-06, 04:47 PM
From years of experience as a Dodge salesman the units are more than likely Durangos, Stratus, Sebring Sedans, Jeep Libertys, some STR-8 Grand Cherokees, Some Magnums, and lots of full sized vans. Reason? #2 above, the unions.
When the SRT-8 Charger came out, late last year, my close buddy from my selling days told me that they would NOT be getting any, because "the deal" was to get 1 SRT-8, the dealer had to TAKE 2 6-Cyl. Magnums, of Cry-Co's choice, and a manual tranny X-tended big van and a Non-A/C Stratus COUPE!
Yes, the sales bank is also alive & bursting at the seams.....

Do you know what the new Dodge NITRO is ?? ?? It's a rebodied Jeep Liberty !!

11-12-06, 09:43 AM
^^ That's so stupid to put those restriction in though! Why, people will only buy what they want. If I go in to a dealer to buy one car, there aren't rules that say I have to buy another basic one too. So why would they do that to the dealers and themselves?

On a side note, we might need a new mini-van. Do you think those are being overstocked?