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11-07-06, 12:06 PM
when someone disputes a somethin what happens

i heard somethin about 30 days to respond but he hasnt gotten anything in the mail or had any other kind of contact. he swears he doesnt know what it is either heres how it looks on his credit report

Date Opened:
Credit Limit:
$x Date of Status:
06/2004 Terms:
1 Months High Balance:
NA Reported Since:
06/2004 Monthly Payment:
$0 Recent Balance:
$x Last Reported Date:
10/2006 Responsibility:
Individual Recent Payment:
$0 https://annualcreditreport.experian.com/AnnualCreditReport/images/bg_spacer.gif
Your Statement:
Account information disputed by consumer (Meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act) https://annualcreditreport.experian.com/AnnualCreditReport/images/bg_spacer.gif
Account History:
Collection as of Oct 2006, Sep 2006, Jul 2006, May 2005 to Jun 2006, Mar 2005, Jan 2005, Dec 2004, Nov 2004, Sep 2004, Aug 2004, Jun 2004

so it said it was disputed but whats that second line mean

11-07-06, 03:16 PM
Well, first they'll ask you for a whole bunch of paperwork to back up your facts. Second, you'll gather said paperwork and there will be no possible way that you could be wrong, because your papers, receipts and even the merchants statements in an email say that you are right and that the money should be credited back to your card. Third, VISA will tell you they need you to wait 45 days. When you call back on the 46th day, they'll say you had to call within 30 days or else it cannot be disputed. Fourth, they'll lube you up with Icy Hot. Fifth, they'll recharge the amount they orginally wrongly charged and you'll end up paying it again. Sixth, they'll slowly slide an unsanded length of rough cut oak into your rectum. Seventh, they'll say that they are very sorry but there is nothing they can do because you took more than thirty days to contact them, even though they originally said you had to wait for 45 days. Eight, they'll donkey punch you, then yell dirty sanchez, and take your money and run. You're screwed.

11-07-06, 03:48 PM
ya kno
i read that 4 times
and i still dont get it
it says 0 everywhere...
so where are you being charged wrongfully?

11-07-06, 04:38 PM
i put an x where the balances were, i dont know why haha, but it says $2357 or some shit like that

11-08-06, 10:45 AM
The cleection dates? I think those were the periods where the company was using collection companies to get the money.

It doens't make sense for some reason to me.