: 91 Eldo STILL misses

11-07-06, 12:06 PM
My 91 Eldo with 124k miles has a stumble when pulling away from a stop sign and it feels like it is not getting enough gas. It does it under light throttle and as I accelerate it goes away. It does it after it gets to operating temperature. I have replaced the fuel pump and filter, the FPR,BCM,TPS,EGR valve & solenoid,rebuilt injectors,cap,rotor,dist.control module,plugs and wires. Fuel pressure is steady at 42#'s also. The pressure doesn't change when this happens. It feels like a carb with a bad accelerator pump. Also when i take my foot off the gas pedal while going about 45 Mph it stumbles and feels like it is dying for just that moment. Any suggestions?