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11-06-06, 05:25 PM
hey everybody jus realized i put my intro on someone elses sorry.Well i'm from va and this is my 2nd caddy the first a 97 catera now i have a 98 and guess what never had a problem wit the 97 but the 98 i'v had to replace the fuel filter,fuel pump,pump relay,headlights and foglights,battery thanks to my husband,the heater control valve and now need to do the valve cover gaskets.i do love my caddy even though he thinks i should get rid of it.Starting to replace all the things that were missing or broken so if anyone knows where to get a cheap cupholder or coinholder hit me up.This forum has already helped me save time and money and from bs shops and dealer pricing.

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:welcome: to the forums.

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Greetings and :welcome: to the forums :wave:

You're lucky to be in VA, that's where Lindsay Cadillac (http://www.lindsaycadillac.com/index.htm?bhcp=1) is at. :yup: Wish they were close to me to service my Cadi.

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Welcome to the forum!!!
Make your caddys and yourself more at home! :D

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don't know where that one is but i'm close to a moore cadillac in richmond.thanks for welcoming me guys.

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Welcome. The money and time you save here is why most of us are on so much!

12-19-06, 10:30 AM
don't know where that one is but i'm close to a moore cadillac in richmond.thanks for welcoming me guys.

I would not go to Moore Cadillac. I had a ‘free’ battery put in by their service department and they busted my Mass Airflow housing – and did not tell me about it and let me drive off the lot. On the way home the car stared to race out of control. I had to use both feet pushing as hard as I could on the break to stop the car. They, at first lied about it and then admitted that it was broken by there service department. GM made good on the repair. The vehicle constantly lost water since then and the car just continued to run poorly. A friend came over and we replaced the breaks and the spark plugs and wires. The plugs had oil, water and antifreeze on them. He said if this does not fix the performance or if it starts to run poorly again, to bring it in an have it checked out. The car started to run poorly again and I brought it in. The head gasket was broken. It will take thousands to repair.

The story is continuing, but basically, you have to be very careful of Moore Cadillac’s service department – it appears that they have a ‘killer’ service policy.

Bottom line – stay away from Moore Cadillac.

12-19-06, 10:45 AM
WElcome to the forums!!!! :D HAVE FUN!!!!

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:welcome: to the forum. Don't let some of us scare you...:p