: I'm Just Bumpin My Music

11-05-06, 04:12 PM
Ok so today my headphones snapped in half... I know smooth move. So I saw some you posting in the iPod thread about headphones so hopefully you guys can give me ideas what to get. Thing is I do not like those ear buds. For some reason they do not fit in my ears right and always fall out. So I'm looking for headphones, anybody have some ideas for me?

11-05-06, 04:36 PM
sennheiser Makes some real good noise cancelling full on headphones but first a question.
Are you talking about earbuds like the cheap ones you get in some low end cd or walkmans? hsve you tried the earbuds that actually have different rubber fittings to accomodate a smaller ear opening? THere is a huge difference in these...
and these.....

11-05-06, 05:04 PM
i will be your headphones

yes i will

anytime anywhere :)

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11-05-06, 05:07 PM
Yeah I've seen the new Bose ones but I'm not a big fan of Bose bf would say "No highs no lows must be Bose"

I just like headphones since they block out more sound around you

11-05-06, 05:12 PM
then defintely get a pair of sennheisers......
they have a wireless et that you thing would be crappy but are really good and not as big as most wireless sets.

11-05-06, 06:22 PM
The Sony IEM's (Inner Ear Module or something like that; the new kind that are like rubber earplugs...) have excellent sound quality and won't run you the hundreds that most other IEMs cost ($50, if I remember correctly).

11-05-06, 06:30 PM
yeah the MDR sl71's are a nice pair. THey are like 39.99 at any best buy

11-05-06, 06:50 PM
Bose just came out with a pair of earbuds that are really nice for $100, my personal preference is the Shure line of in-ear headphones as they actually have noise cancelling qualities and range from $100 to $300++.


11-05-06, 07:05 PM
I don't know, no one seems to have asked what price range are you shooting for ? Or is money no object with this ?

11-05-06, 07:07 PM
When I first got my Phillips earbuds, they never fit in my ears and would always fall out. After about 2 weeks, they fit in fine and sounded amazing, and they're the only pair of earbuds I've owned that lasted more than two months!

11-05-06, 07:07 PM
So far money is no object, coz I'll just check around on ebay and whatnot or they could be birthday ideas for me for my parents

11-05-06, 07:08 PM
or have ETC buy them...what are boyfriends for.....

11-05-06, 07:11 PM
Haha supposedly he already has my present and he won't give me any hints

My parents need ideas though, I told them it was either new headphones or a new digi camera where I can record videos with sound since my digi camera that I have now can't pick up sound

11-06-06, 08:56 AM
I got some cheap titanium headphones form radio shcak a few years back. Loudest things I have ever used. I love it.

11-06-06, 11:31 AM
Grado headphones rock the earth. I'm crazy about mine.

11-06-06, 02:32 PM
The generic "ipod" ear buds really aren't that bad for the price. I have a set that I think cost $19.99.

Sony gives outstanding sound for $50, they fit comfortably into your ear, but the insulation on mine wore right off of the wires. Something seriously wrong there. Maybe they've fixed it in the past year?

Shure is what I use now, and I wouldn't trade them for anything--except for the higher model Shure. They came with a half-dozen different pairs of earpieces so you can get a custom fit.