View Full Version : !!!bose Speakers Are 2 Ohms!!!

11-05-06, 02:56 AM
hi to all, i just recently purchased both factory service manuels for my car a 93 eldawg with bose off of ebay for 25 bucks which was a great deal!!! so when they arrived i looked over them or whatever and i came a cross the stereo section and it stated that the bose speakers are rated at 2 ohms!! i am only posting this because ive read a lot of conflicting post stating they are 1 ohms but there not they are 2 ohms so that everyone knows this now..

11-05-06, 08:16 AM
Why don't you just get a multimeter to tell u that?

11-05-06, 04:54 PM
dude yes the regular bose system in 92-95 eldorados were 2 ohm
HOWEVER the BOSE GOLD systems are true bose systems and continued throughtout all the way from 92-02 and were 1 ohm speakers.

11-07-06, 08:06 PM
Okay so the speakers in the 94' STS w/ Bose stereo were 1ohm or 2? I need to know so I can order some good aftermarket ones.

11-07-06, 08:26 PM
no matter what youll have to buy 2 ohm speakers theres no aftermarket 1 ohm speaker

if yours says BOSE GOLD in the bottom then you have 1 ohm speaks
an easier way to tell is if you have a single slot cd player you have Bose Gold (92-95)
if you have only a cassette deck then you have 2 ohm speaks

11-08-06, 01:46 PM
Well I can see if They have some aftermarket DVC 6x9's and I can wire the coils together down to 1 ohm. I have seen them before. Not sure if I can do that up front but I will look around. BTW what are the RMS power ratings on these Bose gold amps?

11-08-06, 01:58 PM
100 watts per amp
400 watt system total power
bose unlike shyty sony and other brands does not overrate their amps
so my guess has always been its 100 watts rms true power
before i amped my speaks my factory bose system was louder than my aftermarket hu and speaks

11-08-06, 03:32 PM
So I can get some good inifinitys' or Bostons' and rock the house with my Clarion ProAudio HU. I will also be throwing a Fosgate P312d2 12" Dual 2 ohm DVC sub in a custom ported box central in the trunk running off of my Punch 5002 365Wrms per channel to both channels. That should sound pretty good running 365Wrms to each voice coil on the 12" stage 3. There will be 4 Ga wiring run to a 1.5 Farad Fosgate capacitor and to the amp. The HU will recieve a 12ga power wire run str8 from the new Optima Yellow Top battery w/ the help of Big Three upgrade under hood. That should make it bump pretty good without too much added weight. I might just Get a Stinger or Odessy light weight high amp battery to try to help with the sudden weight gain.

I don't want the box in the trunk to be too big because I'm still going to need room for my Air suspension pumps and tanks to be mounted and still have room for small luggage.

11-08-06, 04:29 PM
id say so lol