: Remote power for extra amp

11-04-06, 03:15 PM
IF i wanted to add an amp and subwoofer to my STS how would be the best way to connect it. I have;

RPO code UM5 head unit with obligatory 6 disc changer
RPO code UX9 8 speaker and amp system

12 volt power and ground is easy, straight from the nicely placed under seat battery.

Remote power feed for the amp is my main problem, looking at the wiring diagrams in the FSM I'm having trouble identifying a remote power feed for the amp and also for the cd changer (looking at the connector end views).
I know that I could connect the remote lead to an ignition controlled power source but that would mean the amp is powered up all the while the ignition is on and I really do not want to do that. I know that I could also wire the remote to a dash mounted switch, but I don't want to do that either as it looks cheap.

I would connect to the speaker wires straight from the Bose rear sub. The amp I have has inputs for both standard speaker cables and RCA cables.
Without knowing the output of the Bose amp and to be safe I would use a converter and connect using the RCA inputs.

11-04-06, 03:46 PM
Looking at the FSM I may have found my answer. The connector for the radio shows pin F3 as a white cable that is antenna power.
The connector for the antenna module shows pin 1 as switched antenna enable output

I am hoping that pin F3 is the traditional switched power antenna feed used with electric aerials.
Tomorrow I intend to investigate. The antenna module is above the rear window so I will look to see where the cable goes to. I hope it comes down the rear left pillar to the rear seats.

11-04-06, 05:37 PM
It's fairly late at night here, currently 11.15pm, so I'm not in the mood to take the car apart too much.
I gently pulled down the headlining along the rear window and the Radio Antenna Module was visible bolted to a frame on the roof. I could just slide my hand in and unplug the wiring connector.
The connector just had enough movement to pull it to the edge of the headlining.
Using a multimeter I checked for a switched power source. The white cable is indeed a switched 12v feed from the head unit.
Hopefully in the daylight I will be able to trace the wires down the sail panel and either into the trunk or under the rear seat.

11-05-06, 07:11 AM
I have discovered that on my '00 STS the power feed and antenna cable are routed round the lefthand side of the roof and down the centre post. The cable was easily identified by the thicker coaxial cable that was taped with it.
I had to take quite a lot of the interior trim apart to find this out.
I have now connected a remote power cable with a scotchlok near the base of the centre post and run the cable under the trim to the back of the car.

So, a common question about remote power has an answer. You can use a factory cable to power a remote amp cable.
I would imagine that most '98-'04 STS/SLS with integrated antenna have the same wiring.

11-05-06, 09:38 AM
Umm...you used an antenna wire? That should make it so it plays ONLY when you play the radio. But you do you have a different style antenna than me, so it might work on CDs too.

11-05-06, 01:27 PM
On my STS the antenna power is fed all the time the radio is turned on regardless of the source, it might be something to do with the RDS capability of the radio, maybe the traffic anouncements but most definitely for the function of the Emergency Alert System that overides all playback sources.