: Differance between 94 and 97 N*

11-02-06, 10:24 PM
I'm wondering if the valve covers, heads, exhaust manifolds and such are interchangeable between a 94-97 N*.

Basically I've got a 97 long block that needs valve covers and exhaust manifolds and I've found a junk 94 that I can pull parts from...

11-02-06, 10:41 PM
The heads are not the same but the cam covers and exhaust manifolds are.....

The main difference between the 93/94 Northstars and the 95/99 Northstars is the intake manifold.

The 93/94 had the large box style intake with the individual runners inside the box. The silver top cover was actually the top of the intake manifold and it had a row of screws around the perimeter of the cover that held it to the lower part of the box. The EGR and PCV for that system was introduced at each intake runner/port individually via the passages in the phenolic spacer plates between the intake manifold and the cylinder head. The heads had provisions for EGR delivery for this system and only 2 intake mounting bolts per head. The water crossover also had EGR passages into the cylinder head for this system.

The 95/99 Northstar has a one piece plastic intake manifold. EGR is delivered to the manifold at a single entry point via a convoluted tube near the throttle body. Similarily, PCV is introduced in one spot at the rear of the intake. The cylinder heads for the 95/99 have no provisions for EGR passages. Same for the water crossover casting...no EGR passages to the cylinder heads.

Soo....while the engines are very similar and the cam covers and exhaust manifolds will interchange the intake, heads, water crossover and other anciliary parts are different and will not interchange unless you swap ALL the parts from the other model year together...i.e..you could put the 93/94 heads, intake, water crossover, etc. on a 99 short block...but only by changing all the parts, not just one piece at a time.

11-03-06, 11:11 PM
OK. Thanks :)