: OnStar won't connect

11-01-06, 03:11 PM
Bought a pre-owned 04 SRX. Pushed the blue onstar button to activate service, connected fine, and during call transfer got disconnected. NOW onstar equip will not connect or respond AT ALL. Tried blue AND red button.. nothing. Any one else had this happen?
I will take it back to dealer, but what a PAIN!

11-01-06, 03:28 PM
Try calling ONSTAR first (have your VIN handy) to see if they can help. It will save you a trip perhaps to the dealer.

Toll free: 1- (888) 4-ONSTAR (I think)

11-01-06, 04:14 PM
Called onstar, they tried a couple of things, to no avail. Going to the dealership, darn it!

11-01-06, 05:01 PM
When an OnStar system is deactivated they connect to the car and put a bogus phone number in it.
If you want to reactivate the system sometimes it won't connect properly.

What were they doing when you got disconnected? They may have been running some updates to the vehicle and lost contact, this might corrupt the data in the VCIM and it could be preventing the vehicle from re-contacting the call center.
It probably just has to have a new phone number programmed into it so OnStar can connect properly and set it up.
It's not hard to do but the tech working on it needs to know what he's up against.
Give them all the details you can so they know where to start looking.

I get crazy when I get a ticket that says 'Onstar inop' and that's all I have to go on.

If you bring it to me I can fix it right up for you, it might take me a while though, you have to make some calls to get the phone number to program into the car.

Lindsay Cadillac
Alexandria, VA
Tell them to give it to "Bill".

if you are not in this area, I am sure you'll find a place to get it fixed.