: A/C question/help for 94 STS

10-31-06, 05:43 PM
My a/c blows hot air like they all do when they don't work. Everything seems to work like it should, compressor comes on, engine fans come on, inside blower fan comes on and there are no codes. I had the compressor and associated parts replaced about 2 maybe 3 years ago, at that time, the low freon message appeared followed shortly by low freon, shutting down a/c compressor. By then I apparabtly roasted the compressor or the garage took me because they replaced it.This time I have no codes and everything seems to be working fine. I'm taking it in the morning to a garage but wouldn't mind if anyone has any suggestions. I've looked at several a/c posts buy nothing similar to my problem. Everything seems to be working properly, even the compressor sounds like it always did when I turn it on. One thing I noticed is that the pipe on either side of the big canister by the coolant overflow is really, really hot when I turn the a/c on. I guess they are probably hot even without the a/c on I just haven't tapped them with the back of my hand like I did a minute ago with the a/c on.Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated!!

10-31-06, 09:15 PM
The A/C lines by the accumulator should be cold.

10-31-06, 11:41 PM
The a/c lines you mention are not cold, does that pretty much mean that the compressor is bad? I would think that if the compressor was bad, a code would appear indicating low pressure or high pressure, something. What seems puzzling is that there are no codes, everything seems to work like it should, it just doesn't blow cold anymore. I doubt that it's low on freon because the last time that happened, the onboard diagnostics told me so. I'm quite sure that the onboard diagnostis is still working like it should and there no codes showing up for the a/c. There is a P071 and P095 that show up but that's it.

I just hate to go to a garage that may replace some $20 switch and then charge me for a compressor replacement, oh well, so it goes!

11-01-06, 01:26 AM
Based on no DTC's I doubt that you are low on freon,but something is not right. Normaly I would say check the air mix door, but since your A/C line is hot vs cold leads me to suspect the A/C system. If you had a set of guaf-ges to check the high and low side pressures that might give some insite.

11-01-06, 10:03 AM
You were right in assuming that the problem was in the a/c system. How strange is this, the compressor has a broken shaft, at least that's what the repair shop has told me. The funny thing is, that makes sense because the a/c just quit, didn't give any indication that it was "going bad". My experience with a/c's, especially a compressor, is that they usually give you a little warning, they'll start to lose a little freon, get a little warmer and then quit working completely.

I guess since the compressor was "still turning on, clutch engaging" the system didn't throw any codes, does that make sense?

I know I didn't offer much information to go by and now I better understand why, a broken shaft, strange!

Like always, appreciate the help and I will respond when it is repaired and working. I'll list the parts replaced and the cost. I've read many posts about repairs and problems with no ending to the story. The poster will not come back and post what the problem turned out to be. If you read the entire post you can sometimes assume that the problem was narrowed down and the last thing talked about was the problem. It would be nice if the posters would be courteous enough to report the fix and associated cost. Another person could then read the post and if they know the cost, they can feel better about their own repairs and the cost involved. Don't get me wrong, there a lot of posters who do report what the problem was and I thank them for that. On the other hand, you do a search and think you've found a similar problem and after reading a sometimes lengthy thread, the answer your looking for isn't provided, then you start on another thread.....

All in all, thank you very much, this is a much appreciated forum and the best of many for any topic that I've run across on the web, thank you over and over to all the people who take their time to respond to the various questions and concerns of others!!:)

11-06-06, 12:55 AM
Had my a/c repaired at a local garage for a total cost of $721. They replaced the compressor with a new one, not a bebuilt. They also replaced the filter/dryer, orifice tube and a valve on the high pressure side. I believe that valve was like a $5 part and they installed it for nothing. I could have gotten it done just a bit cheaper at a couple of other garages like $650 but they only offered a 30 day warranty where the garage that I used gave me a 1 year warranty.

None of the garages would do the job using a rebuilt compressor, even if I insisted. They said they wouldn't do the job if I wanted a rebuilt compressor. They all claimed that rebuilt a/c compressors just don't work very well or for very long!

Curious about one thing though. The fella said if the compressor had come apart, they would have to replace the filter/dryer, the orifice tube and flush the system. He showed me the orifice tube and it was full of small particles so the compressor had come apart and they had to replace all those parts. My question is this, how do you flush the a/c system. I didn't think to ask the garage when I was there but thought about it afterwards, just curious.

11-06-06, 11:02 AM
You open each line and flush it with a flush gun http://www.shop.com/op/aprod-p49219903-k24-g1-~A%2FC+flush+gun-nover
The accumulator (reciever/drier) can't be flushed so it has to be replaced. My understanding is that most newer condensors are very hard to flush as well so most of them are replaced also. Any debris left in the system can spell disaster for the compressor.