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10-29-06, 06:39 PM
Hi, this is my 1st post. I'm almost 18 y.o. and I need some advice. I know there have been a lot of posts about Fleetwoods vs. Towncars, but most of those are for newer models. I currently have a 1978 Orange-ish Fleetwood, all stock (don't worry, I didn't put ricidulous sized wheels on it or even replace the original stereo, like some kids would!) It has 92,465 miles on it and the engine and trans are OK so far. The body needs some work, but not alot. The brakes are shot though. Its a very strong car, because to be honest, me and my friends don't exactly baby the thing, but its a great cruiser. Anyway I'm looking to buy another big car, and I was wondering about a 78-79 Lincoln Towncar, if they are any good. Also, which is the fastest stock engine? 460, 425, or 500. So again, I'm basically trying to decide which car to look for: 76-79 Cadillac Fleetwood, or 78-79 Towncar.

THANKS, I know its long.

10-29-06, 08:34 PM
First of all, hello and welcome to the board!

Second of all, it's great to see someone my age (I'm 19) that has a love for the classic Cadillacs, and keeps them stock! I hate when people wreck these cars buy putting 24's or something on them and giant subs in it. It takes away from the dignity of the car.

I have always liked the 77-79 Town Cars and I actually got the chance to test drive a 460 powered '77 Town Car last summer. That car was so much bigger feeling than all of the 77-92 Brougham's I've driven. So much more isolated and quiet, but that 460 sure has some good pull. Between a stock 425, 460 and a smogged 500, the 460 is the quickest, the 425 Cadillac is next, and a 500 powered Brougham is last. The 460 TC is good for a mid 17 second 1/4 mile stock, the 425 Cadillac is mid-high 17's and the 500 Cadillac is low-mid 18's.

Between a '79 Fleetwood and a '78 Town Car, I'd take the Fleetwood without a 2nd thought. I didn't like how the Town Car drove. It's too boaty, too big, too isolated, but I think that the Town Car has a great design. Very big, very important, very intimidating. TONS of presence there! Between a '76 Fleetwood and a '79 Fleetwood.....I'd *probably* go with the 76, but it's VERY close, and I have no road test to base my choice off of.

Here's the review I wrote up after I test drove that '77, complete with pics and a short video! Enjoy!!

10-29-06, 09:29 PM
Hey, I read the review of the '77 Town Car. I can't belive theres another teenager who would rather have a big 70's Cadillac or Lincoln instead of a Mitsubishi. Anyway, its kind of funny cause you said you were looking for a Jeep with your friend, and there was the Towncar behind it. Well it just so happens that I was taking a trip to the local used car lot with my friend to look at a Jeep Wrangler for him, and there is a Red 1978 Town Car with a white top and white leather interior next to the Jeep he likes. It turns out it belongs to the owner of the dealership. I don't know how much he wants, but its literally mint, except for one 2 in. scratch. 68,000 on the 460-V8. So thats what brought about this question of the Lincoln Town Car. It made my 78 Fleetwood look so small!

10-30-06, 10:09 AM
Hah! Cool! Yeah, Mitsubishis suck, everyone knows that :D

10-31-06, 08:18 AM
I can't belive theres another teenager who would rather have a big 70's Cadillac or Lincoln instead of a Mitsubishi.

Oh there are a few of us around.

Anyway as far as 425 vs 460 vs 500, the motors are cammed fairly similarly, so the 460 will make more usable power than the 425, the 500 will make more than either. The 460 is sometimes rated at a higher HP level, but the 500 always makes more torque, and the factory ratings in the 70s don't mean much.

BTW Chad, I bet a 70 Eldo would do a little bit better than low 18s in the 1/4. :p

10-31-06, 08:20 AM
BTW Chad, I bet a 70 Eldo would do a little bit better than low 18s in the 1/4. :p

Yeah definetly. They're good for a 16.4 or so according to road tests from back then. The low compression 500's are the ones that are good for 18's.

10-31-06, 09:21 AM
I would have thought with 550 ft. lbs and 400 horses it would have been a little faster than that, how much did those things weigh and what was the final drive?

11-01-06, 03:20 AM
400/550 were gross ratings. 320/510 is more like the actual number. 4630lbs curb weight.

11-01-06, 06:51 AM
^^ Damn! I guess that normal, but that I never knew those were the numbers.

11-05-06, 11:09 PM
Haha! Speaking of the 1970 Eldorados, lemme tell you a funny story involving those and me, back in the 10th grade...

I was madly in love with the '70 Eldorados, I had been since the summer prior. First day of class the teacher asks all the kids in class something fun we did over the summer. I pulled a "McCombie" and told everyone I had bought a mint condition '70 Eldorado! I think I told them something like "yah it weighs 4630 lbs, has an 8.2L V8 that pumps out 400hp and 550 lb/ft and I raced Mitsubishi Eclipses (and always won) on the ride up from New Mexico (where I "picked it up"). People would ask where I kept it and I told them that I kept it in an "underground car storage place" in Minneapolis! LOL! I can't believe anyone believed that!

God I was dumb back then, but then again, I was only 15...

11-06-06, 03:36 PM
I'd go with the Fleetwood, I've never really been much of a Lincoln fan.