: I fixed my HEAT!!!!!

10-29-06, 01:21 PM
well after 2 winters of no heat, and being told that it would be $700 to $1000 to fix, I started looking into how it works and what was wrong.

It cost me all of $8 to fix, seems the vacume line that comes from inside to the water valve wasnt' getting vacume to the the water valve, and I didnt' want to pull the dash, so I used a Y connecor and split off from the vacume connecter on the drivers side intake, and ran a hose in the top of the water valve. and now I have heat, good hot, and it lasts.

Before if you hit the heat it would work for about 10 sec, then it got cold, so it was pulsing the vacume and not holding a steady vacume on the water valve. so I replaced it and it works now.....yeah. Go Me!,
sorry this will be the first in 2 years I won't freeze.

10-29-06, 05:55 PM
Good job.:thumbsup:

"Warmest" congratulations!:)

11-01-06, 11:17 AM
hate to toss ice water onto your warm feeling....but....

Actually....you didn't fix the problem. The vacuum line is engaged ONLY when the AC is set to max (60 degree). Then it shuts off the flow to the heater core.

If you have the output hoses backward on the HCV, then there will be only a trickle of flow thru the heater core unless vacuum is applied - explains the "hot, then cold" response, there isn't enough flow to keep it warm after the air starts moving.

How did I discover this? I had a bad actuator on the passenger's side wouldn't go off heat, but the only time it stayed hot was when the AC was at max. at 90 it was hot, then cold, had to switch to 60 and back to 90 to get even a brief burst of heat. Became a nuisance and then a crisis as the temp dropped. Read the manual, applied vacuum to the valve and got heat, confirmed the hoses were backward and reversed them. Now all is good (except that passenger side actuator but I never sit there anyway heh heh).

Thought I'd comment.

11-15-06, 12:14 PM
I'll check that out,