: 30 spoke wire wheels fwd

02-28-04, 03:18 AM
does anyone know where to find 30 spoke fwd 15 x 7 wire wheels for cadillacs, inexpensive ? i have searched and found them but the companies want to much, $1500 - $1600 for 4, 15 x 7 chrome rims with no tires, come on they ain't 20ies, holla back cadillac, (i already know of creagars 30 spoke wheel but they don't make fwd)

06-06-04, 05:22 PM
I am not sure if you pm'd me back or not? When I did log on, I was notified that I had a private message. I couldn't retrieve it. So if you indeed pm'd me, please route that to my email address johnny_b_dangerous@yahoo.com. I am very interested in finding out about what company sell the rare 30 fwd rims.