: My jerky thread gave me a great idea. Recipe thread!

10-29-06, 01:13 AM
All the locals and regulars, and hell, even the irregulars and weirdos on here...Give us your favorite recipes! Tell us what you eat, what you cook and how you do it! Family secrets should still be kept, but if you have great stuff that you think we should try, lets hear it!!!

10-29-06, 04:08 AM
I make Mac and Cheese, with polska kelbasa (sp) in it, with a bit of alfredo sauce mixed in. That's about all I can cook. I'll probably die of a heart attack at 35.

10-29-06, 07:54 AM
^^ I have had that many times where the wallet, fridge, and stomach are near empty! It is so damn good!

I can make a good omlet. Take some deli ham & turkey, get some onions, green peppers, and any other veggies, and any kind of cheese(s) you want.

I season my eggs with a little salt, lots of black pepper. I have tried some other spices with varying results. "Italian Seasoning" from the store works well if you like that mix (I love it).

My thing is I don't fold them in half...I put them in the bottom of the oven. Turns out like a pizza. When you start, use some oil, or oil and butter in the pan so it doesn't stick. Pour in all the egg, then start to mix all the other ingredients together except the cheese(s). This keeps the flavor equal. Then add them in while the egg is still liquidy. That way the ingridents are built in.

Once the egg begins to actully cook (use only med-to a low "high' heat on the stove), add the cheese(s) on top. I usually use 2 kinds of cheese. Usually 2 out of mozzarella, cheddar, and american slices (I break them up). if we have any other kind in the house, I will try those. Use your favorite! Yeah I know american cheese isn't exotic, but its damn good on an omlet.

Once you put the cheese(s) on, and the egg base isn't liquidy (use a fork or knife and tear a hole in the center of the omlet, see what fills the hole, egg liquid or oil), put the whole pan in the "broiler" of the oven. All you are doing is melting the cheese, and making sure the top layer of omlet is cooked.

Check every 20-30 seconds as the high heat can burn your creation easily. You will know when its done when you take it out and the cheeses are completely melted, and when you tilt the pan, no liquid runs off (some oil or liquid from the cheese is fine (for me anyways, the egg and oil are similar in looks, but I can see the difference). But if in doubt, remove excess liquid (if necessary, use spoon), and place back in oven, but check very often (15 seconds). Burnt omlet is horrible!

Then eat and go take a nap. This omlet works well with toasted bread and juice.

10-29-06, 10:07 AM
I really don't know how to make it but my mom makes this dish called Aunt Nellie's Orange Yummy. You take orange jello and tapioca pudding, mix that together then you put in mangerine (sp?) oranges slices then you put it in the fridge, serve cold. I'm excited to have it on thanksgiving!!!

10-29-06, 04:22 PM
Take a 10lb. bone in pork roast.
Grab yourself some Adobo with pepper and some sazon and minced garlic!
The side of the roast with the thick fat just rub the adobo and sazon all over it then flip it over.
Cut as many slices into it as you can and stuff with minced garlic adobo and sazon and butter.
Throw it in a pan lined in aluminum foil. Create a envelope like pocket with the foil
Put the oven on 275 and let it cook in there for about 4 hours or so.
Pull it out bake some potatoes or if you really want to go all out make some rice and beans. Its amazing!
I love working with Puerto Ricans!

10-29-06, 07:40 PM
My fave thing to make: reservations.


10-30-06, 12:28 AM
Excellent work Florian...though not a single restaurant within a one hour drive of me accepts them...nor would I want to bother with them because the best we have is Applebees, where I work, and where I don't ever want to eat.

10-30-06, 09:46 AM
Within 10 miles of our house, there are at least 20 places to eat.

I love to cook, I just can't do it very well.

10-30-06, 07:26 PM
My Banana Nut Bread is famous out here in Iowa. It always gets compliments, and it's so easy to make.

Start with a small loaf of white bread. Take one banana and shove it through the center of the loaf of bread, so that each end of the banana sticks out of the bread. Add a handful of peanuts--still in their shells to the top of the loaf of bread, and voila! Banana Nut Bread!

JRau in central Iowa :wacky:

10-30-06, 08:38 PM
mmm...easy veal recipe...real easy

1 lb veal

slice and pound into 1/4 inch thick pieces

add salt and pepper to veal

lightly bread in flour

cook on medium high, with butter simmering in pan for approx 1 minute per side

keep adding butter as needed to pan

after veal is done, add 1/2 glass marsala or burgundy to pan and a bit of salt, cook for one minute while stirring and scrapping pan heavily.

pour sauce over veal, enjoy :)

10-31-06, 10:15 AM
F don't you have any recipies for pie or something? :rofl: