: Fatal accident involing classmates....

Night Wolf
10-28-06, 01:47 AM
Today was a hanger day (school hanger at the local Int'l airport) We have lunch from 11:20-12:10. It was a nice sunny Florida Friday, I went with 3 other guys to the Chinese buffet... our thing we do on Friday.

A group of guys go to this one place, they take 2 cars as there was a handful. Well, the guy in the one car got back to the school and waited a few mins, and didn't see our friend back yet, so he called them to see whats up... thats when we first heard there was an accident (from the driver), he said he was mostly alright, but the other 2 that were in the car were badly hurt, his last words before hanging up were "I won't be back in class for a long time"

The car was a 1994 Ford Probe GT. I've been in the back of that car once... its cramped, no room at all, and the driver has quite a tendency of driving fast and stuff. He is one of the smartest guys I know, help start up one, then started up on his own, a popular company that makes aftermarket engine managment systems for cars. he was mid 20s and wanted to get into aviation industry after being in the automotive industry. The front seat passenger was our class president, mid 40s, nice guy. In the back was a younger guy, early 20's, fellow Christain, really nice kid, I talked with him often. All 3 of these guys already had their aircraft Powerplant license (not many in the class have yet) are the top 3 students, never late etc...

Anyway, aparently they were making a U-turn, pulled out in front of a big truck (some sort of fuel truck/semi-truck) and got hit... hard. The driver was alright, or enough to talk on the phone, on a later call he said he was in the back of a police car charged with wreckless endangerment. The guy in the passenger seat was transported to a medical facility, and he was able to tell the doctors his parents name and number, so he was concisous and alert to some point..... the guy in his early 20's in the back.... didn't make it... the whole thing is messed up. I sit next to him at the hanger, I talked with him just an hour before... I brought his stuff into the office to store it there for the weekend (before we knew what happeend) it is just totally messed up.

I think they were running late for school (which none of them would do) and tried to hurry to get back... they went to make the U-turn, and the driver saw the chance to go, but there wasn't enough room and got hit, speed limit on this road is 50mph or so. The 4 of us were going back just in time, around 12:06... the intersection of the accident was right infront of the mini-plaza we were at... we would have saw them... it had to be minutes, if even, after we passed by and got back to the hanger.

After school I had to go on that road to meet someone, traffic was backed up all infront of the hanger...because of that accident... They were merging 3 lanes into 1, it was on the radio and everything. I didn't get to see much, and I didn't see a big truck, but there were alot of emergency vehicles... what I did see was....pieces... of what was left of the Probe... the front bumper was ripped off, the car was hit really hard in the back and right side, the whole roof was cut off with jaws of life, and I remember seeing something weird with the wheels... folded under, or not on the car.. I don't remember. On the way back, the car was gone (an hour later) but 3 hours after the wreck, the car was still there.

Aimee's father works right across the street from the hanger and he heard about it, he said this lady that works there saw it and said that there was a really bad wreck, the wheels were missing from the car and one guy was half-hanging out of the car, all bloddy and his eyes were bulging....said she was shaken up the rest of the day.... that must have been the younger guy in the back...

The younger guy... I thik he went to college a bit, then came to this school.... he was involved in an accident eariler this year that totaled his Firebird.... I knew him...talked with him, every day of this week.... today....

I mean... its just messed up to imagine the whole thing... could you imagine his parents? get this call on a nice Friday and told that your son was killed in a car accident going back to school on their lunch break? Imagine having to go pick up his stuff, his car, and everything else that was left as it was, with the intention of coming back not even an hour later to finish the project.... it kills me to even thing about it.... life is so sensative, and worth so much... we take so many things for granted and get angry too easy.... get focused on the little things and forget about the big picture... drive fast or aggressive to get somewhere a minute or two early.... gosh.... it friggin sucks... If there is something to get out of this... just slow down, there is no point to be in a hurry.... love like there wont be a tomorrow... just live life to the fullest, cause you never know when it may end....gosh please be safe everyone.

I really don't know what else to say.... I've already typed way more then I was planning... maybein the next couple days there will be a news artical or something.... I can't stop thinking about it... when we found out it was fatal, at the end of the day, everyone got quite... I saw people get emotional and cry that I never thought would have... just be safe everyone.

Rey Rey 650
10-28-06, 02:34 AM
Thats very sad to hear.... It seems like car accidents take the life of a lot of people... I also had a buddy who i was going to San Diego State with who died on highway 5 on a rollover at 4am in the morning....He fell asleep on the wheel and rollled. He was ejected from the car but his friend lived....Sad story... He was 18 when he died

10-28-06, 02:56 AM
very sad, rip to the 20 yr old.

it really puts things into perspective. couldn't imagine being the probe driver living with this for the rest of his life.

10-28-06, 03:22 AM
Damn thats aweful. Im sorry to hear of your friends. Life is soooooo precious. I try to be happy and not care about the little shit. After my wreck back in march this really hits home. I vowed after that I would enjoy life more but I still find myself getting mad about the dumbshit. This post drives it home.

Your friend is in a better place now. Hang in there!

10-28-06, 04:52 AM
Believe me Nightwolf, your friend IS in a far better place now. And he now knows all that there is to know. Where he is, there are no secrets, no deceptions.

True Story: March 1972 - I was driving in my 1967 Austin 1100 (little British pisspot, basically a 4 door Mini) @ 65 MPH on a 2 lane hi-way with my very best friend. We were doing the things that so many teens do in their cars: shooting the breeze, listening to the tunes on a modified stereo, laughing it up and loving life - along with all that is taken for granted at that age. In short, we felt invincible, as we all do when we're 19.

Neither of us realized that my car had drifted ever so slighly over the centreline. Hell, we were both too busy pawing through the shoebox full of cassettes, looking to put the next round of tunes on,,,,,,,,,,,,

,,,,At a single moment in time; a time that has crystallized in BOTH our minds and one that we STILL talk about today 35 long years later,,,,, the left side mirrors of my car and the one from a 1972 fastback Mustang barreling down from the opposite direction - just kissed, with an audible "Ting" and a tiny flash of sparks.

At a combined speed of at least 130 MPH.

And at that very instant in time, we BOTH had the EXACT same sensation come flooding over us - a feeling that our entire beings, our "essence" if you will - rolled up from our toes, lept up our legs, shot up our torsos, pulled up from our fingertips, gathered all together around the base of our necks and then rushed headlong to sit perched on our lower eyelids, ready to shoot out of our soon-to-be-oh-so dead bodies.

Then the moment was gone. Both cars continued to rocket down the hiway in opposite directions, until I reined mine in and pulled over to stop off the side of the road, and we both got out to try and stop the shaking. My left side mirror had it's paint taken down to the primer on a small, one inch or so streak at it's outside leading edge. There was no other damage to it, or us.

Neither of us were particularly religious at the time, but we weren't about to discount what had just transpired to both of us at the exact same time. We both KNEW that we had felt/witnessed/been privy to, a sensation that can only happen at the moment of one's Earthly Demise; the instant when we shed our mortal coil and go to the Great Unknown.

In short, we had felt our SOULS bunching up and getting ready to flee out of our human hosts. Flee at that very instant when death should have been certain, instant. and irrevocable.

That occasion changed both of us forever. Instant maturity, if you will. At that moment we lost our childish ways and turned our backs on an innocence that up to then, was just part of everyone's growing experience.

And we became Believers. You know of what I speak, Nightwolf.

Buddy, I am shaking as I write this even though this happened at a time so distant, that you weren't even a spark of interest in your old man's eye.

I am so sorry about the loss of your friend, NW. Try and take comfort and peace in the certainty that your friend IS in a far better place now. A place where there is no pain, no misery, no discomfort.

10-28-06, 07:54 AM
Here is the write up on Bay news 9 this morning. It is the last thing on the page. I am sorry you lost a friend in this Rick. What a sad story. It just makes you realize how quick things happen in life, and makes you take a minute to appreciate what we have. http://www.baynews9.com/content/36/2006/10/27/194426.html?title=Bay%20area%20briefs

10-28-06, 08:09 AM
My coming of age accident
after this i matured alot
lady tboned me...
stupid ladys in big suvs....

10-28-06, 08:17 AM
Sorry to hear about your Classmates Night Wolf. Both the one lost and the ones who now get to live with the issues. I owned a Probe and can't imagine getting slammed by a big truck in one, especially in the back.

Give your parents and girlfriend a hug and tell them that you love them, enjoy everyday as much as you can because most do not know when you won't have that opportunity again. :)

Night Wolf
10-28-06, 09:08 AM
Give your parents and girlfriend a hug and tell them that you love them, enjoy everyday as much as you can because most do not know when you won't have that opportunity again. :)


Passenger dies in accident
One person died Friday afternoon in an accident on Ulmerton Road in Clearwater. A car slammed into a stopped Progress Energy truck, which caused the car to spin into a semi trailer, which couldn't stop in time. One passenger died on scene and another was transported to Bayfront Medical Center. The driver is not seriously injured, but police believe he was speeding

That is just strange... I am trying to picture how it happened....gosh..... well, it explains the extent of the damage that I saw to the car.

10-28-06, 09:28 AM
Wow Rick, that's so sad and strange. Just imagine, these people had no idea they they were going to be injured or killed when they woke up that morning. Not an idea in the world. This gives us a great perspective on life, goes to show how it can be snapped up in one fatal second..you gotta enjoy life and live it out to all it can be...

10-28-06, 09:40 AM
So sorry man. Its going to be hard for the families, but they are in a better place. You don't believe, then just watch the news. They aren't going to be hurt anymore.

Life is fragile, but we can all hope.

10-28-06, 10:35 AM
Real sorry to hear about that Rick. It's a shame his life was taken so young. Really puts things in perspective. Be thankful for everything you have, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

10-28-06, 11:03 AM
I'm so sorry Rick. You have all of us here for you, your family, and friends. Be grateful you have so many people that appreciate your life among us.

10-28-06, 12:00 PM
As a parent, I got sick reading that!! Everytime our 1 & only "child" ( sounds funny ~ he's 23) leaves in his Jeep I say a mental little prayer. I feel so badly for that young man's parents. They....They will be the ones to suffer the rest of their lives. They pay the price in tears. So so so so sad.

Rick, I feel for you too! I can tell that you are also (rightfully) shook up. Learn from it. Drive slow & carefully and keep your mind 100% on driving. Even when you are bright eyed & bushy-tailed, alert and concentrating, you still have the guy (or girl) coming toward you with 6 beers and a chaiser in them !! Drive definsively, always.

Tell ya something. You'll never, ever forget that event. I am outta High School now for "only" 41 years. I can still recall that a Larry Kirsch died at the wheel of his 10 year old 1955 black 'n white Oldsmoble 88 at the corner of Springfield Avenue & Elmwood Avenue in Maplewood, NJ when he was hit head on by a drunk guy running a red light. See ? 'Ya NEVER EVER forget the details !!

So learn from it in the memory of your friend. I am sorry that you have to endure this pain at such a young age. You've had alot of pain lately, the Coupe & now this. I hope things will get smoother for you. Really, I do !!

10-28-06, 12:03 PM
man , thats a bad deal right there ...never know when your numbers up

10-28-06, 01:39 PM
Last year, the year after I graduated from high school, there was a nearly fatal accident involving two kids from the graduating class (of '06)

One of the kids went to a party, got drunk and then drove his mom's Tahoe home. He hit a girl from his class, who was returning home from a safe, sober night at her boyfriends house, head on at 55mph. He's in a Tahoe, she's in a Lumina. She almost died, I think she spent nearly 3 months in the hospital, but I'm not sure on that. The man who hit her got a DUI ( I think) but he didn't do any jail time (Sadly). It didn't do her any justice.

10-28-06, 04:00 PM
that sucks Rick. it is something i see everyday though man. you can ask Urb, i just told him this the other day, we had an mva (head on semi vs. car). the wife was still in the car and her husbands head was in her lap. yes, head. lucky me got to bag it. she was well aware also. its a bad thing. we had to get the jaws of life to get her out and the rest of her husband as well. its weird, yes, but it is a sad fact of life. that guy who was driving will probably face vehicular manslaughter charges now.

10-28-06, 05:32 PM
This is just awful to hear Rick, my deepest sympathies. I'm not a father but Ruthie and I have begun talking about the children we'd like to have once we're married, and thinking about losing a child or a close friend is devastating. In 10th grade, a girl I sat next to in math, a very kind and nice person was killed in a t-bone collision. The driver of their car ran a stopsign. Every one went to the hospital, a guy who I had gym class with for 3 years was is still in a coma. It really makes you stop and think; it kind of knocks the wind out of you.