: Looking at 00 Catera

10-27-06, 10:22 PM
After my Plymouth Sundance blew up in a mess of oil and smoke, I've been searching for a car...

My Mother found an '00 Catera in her area for $5k, 61,000 Miles, not sure if it's base or sport, but either way it looks like a great deal

What I'm wondering is...what to expect in terms of reliability after hitting the 120,000+ mile mark? Or about how many miles should I really expect to get out of it...since I'm looking for a car to last at least a few years.

Hopefully this is a very reliable car, I was surprised to find out that it wasn't built on the same body as the Cavalier! Since I always thought they looked kinda similar.

Great looking car, would love to find out that I can get 5 years or so out of it!

10-28-06, 09:23 AM
Congratulations! You have found the right place on the net to access the answers you seek.

Why not take the time to look through the archives of this group. If time is short, just read through the posts from the last month. You will help yourself a great deal if you invest the time.

The Catera is a wonderful car with many important attributes owners value. Reliability, however, is not high on the list of Catera attributes. It is not a car noted for reliability.

Good luck!:)

10-28-06, 10:54 AM
If you had a Sundance, I assume that you don't have tons of money to spend on maintenance and repairs for a car. If that's true, I'd avoid the Catera. I had eyes bigger than my wallet for many years and got burned becasue I could afford the car but then when something went wrong I was screwed. You should have extra money in your account if you own a Catera because they are unpredictable!


10-28-06, 11:17 AM
I had bought the Sundance back when I was still in high school (lasted me 6 years and 85k miles), not saying that I have money flying out of my ears or anything but I'm doing a bit better than I was then...luckily I picked up a few DIY skills with the Sundance.

hmm...I'll definitely keep this in mind after I get the initial report on the car, if only I had the time this week to drive down and take a look at it myself

From what I've read, the 2000 and up models are slightly better off than the 97-99s...but I just told her to ask about recall work, see if he's had any trouble with the oil cooler (this guy has put 10,000 miles on it, mechanic that she knows through church) so hopefully he knows the car pretty well.

Are the 2000s really any more reliable than the earlier models?

11-01-06, 10:37 AM
I've had my 2000 Cat since this past Feb. I absolutely LOVE it. When I got it, it had roughly 54,000 miles on it, and I have put 6k on it since then...

The biggest thing I can tell you if you're seriously interested in the Catera... Do your research... Knowing what problems the car has, and planning PREVENTATIVE maintanance in advance will really expand the life of the car...

You take care of your Cat and your Cat will take care of you... But she's a real meany if you neglect her... :)

I don't post a lot because I don't want to run the chance of giving mis-information, but this is DEFINATELY the place to be for help and advice on the car... Great group of folks here... :)


11-01-06, 03:32 PM
I love my 2000 as well but I sure would hate it if I had to pay for all the work that was done under warranty. 00 and 01 models are "better" than 97-98 but some of the same issues that terrorize owners were never resolved:
1. Oil cooler
2. Heater Control valve
3. Brake light switches
4. Crankshaft position sensors (actually seem worse in 00-01 models)
5. Bad control arms causing tire wear.... rusted out tie rods
6. Headlight adjustors that break

Love the Germans... it's worth it though!